India wealth tax

Explained: Can a wealth tax fix India’s economic inequalities

A new study proposes a wealth tax on the rich to fund public spending on health and education, and schemes for marginalised communities. #wealthtax #tax Read more »
Inclusive climate finance need of the hour

Funding fairness: Closing the climate finance gap for inclusive future

Inclusive climate finance recognises the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of marginalised groups, fostering local solutions and a more resilient future for all. Read more »
Global Methane Pledge by nations

Global Methane Pledge: Promises unkept, climate action in peril

The Global Methane Pledge is not enough to reduce #emissions; legally binding commitments and a transition away from #fossilfuels are crucial. #climatechange #globalwarming #cop28 Read more »
India's manufacturing slowdown

Decoding the manufacturing slowdown: A sectoral analysis of Indian industry

Subdued #globaldemand, China's muted #economicgrowth, and ongoing #geopoliticaltensions have added to the #manufacturing slowdown in India, write Radhika Pandey and Pramod Sinha. #indianexonomy #gdpgrowth #economicslowdown Read more »
India's digital rupee or e-rupee

Digital rupee: India’s geopolitical game changer in CBDC race

The digital rupee is transforming India's global transactions and geopolitical clout in the evolving #CBDC landscape, writes Gayatri Ganpule. #erupee #bitcoin #cryptocurrency Read more »
alternative practices to fight climate change

Beyond renewables: Innovative climate change strategies for a sustainable world

Excessive focus on renewables in climate change mitigation strategies leads to policy makers glossing over some alternative practices that can be equally effective, writes @Moinak Maiti. #climatechange #globalwarming #renewables #electricvehicles #EVs Read more »

RBI holds interest rates, braces to back govt borrowing

The Reserve Bank of India will try to limit interest rate hikes unless crude oil prices shoot through the roof. Read more »