defence industry, INDUS-X

India’s defence industry makes strides in global market

India's defence industry is experiencing a rapid surge, driven by increasing global tensions and the country's growing domestic procurement needs. #defence #exports Read more »
MSMEs lack access to formal credit. OCEN may be the answer to this problem.

OCEN: A digital breakthrough that can help MSMEs access credit

The Open Credit Enablement Network, or #OCEN, can enhance credit access for #MSMEs and unlock their potential. #creditaccess #creditgap #msmecredit Read more »
textile industry

India to extend tax sops to boost textile industry’s global competitiveness

With a focus on value addition, competitiveness, and sustainability, the Indian textile industry is well-positioned to become a global leader. Read more »
edtech, Byju's

Byju’s debt crisis hits investor confidence, sends edtech valuations crashing

The downfall of Byju's, once a titan in the edtech industry, reverberates across India's education technology landscape. #Byjus #edtech #startups Read more »
IT sector, jobs, incubators, Indian IT industry

Brewing trouble: IT sector slams the brakes on hiring amid economic uncertainties

Amid a perfect storm of economic woes, Indian IT sector navigates a treacherous path, leaving job seekers in the lurch. #IT #technology #jobs #employment Read more »
India's manufacturing slowdown

Decoding the manufacturing slowdown: A sectoral analysis of Indian industry

Subdued #globaldemand, China's muted #economicgrowth, and ongoing #geopoliticaltensions have added to the #manufacturing slowdown in India, write Radhika Pandey and Pramod Sinha. #indianexonomy #gdpgrowth #economicslowdown Read more »
aviation, akasa

Akasa’s troubles reflect deep-rooted malice in aviation industry

As a duopoly of IndiGo and the Tata Group set to emerge, the government must address recurring issues faced by the airline industry to ensure growth with stability. #aviation #AkasaAirlines Read more »
spectrum allocation, 5G

5G and beyond: India’s spectrum allocation enter a new era

From reserve prices to satellite spectrum, India's telecom industry grapples with a spectrum allocation puzzle that affects its global competitiveness. #5G #spectrum Read more »
shipping, coastal cargo, sagarmala

Coastal Cargo: Private ports surge ahead in India’s shipping revolution

Private ports outpace state-owned counterparts as India experiences a coastal cargo shipping boom, reshaping the maritime landscape. #shipping #ports #coastalcargo #transportation Read more »
5G, state of indian economy

Starlink on cusp of India launch, DoT to meet on Sept 20

Elon Musk's Starlink could bring faster, more affordable internet to India's rural areas, but spectrum allocation is a key hurdle. #Starlink #satelliteinternet Read more »