vikram s, isro, who launched vikram s, Skyroot Aerospace

Vikram S success marks private sector success in space industry

Vikram S launch highlights the close collaboration between ISRO and private players in India’s space industry. Read more »
indian fountain pens

Inked in India: History of fountain pen, and the policies that killed it

'Inked In India: Fountain Pens and a Story of Make and Unmake' by Bibek Debroy and Sovan Roy traces the rise and fall of India's fountain pen industry. Read more »
huge metaverse marketing opportunity

What is metaverse marketing? Why it is important?

The metaverse marketing opportunity is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.1% to $758.6 Billion in 2026. It offers a huge opportunity to India, a reservoir of creative and IT talent. Read more »
tourism industry

Tourism industry stages recovery, but challenges persist

The government must support the tourism industry that contributes 7% of the GDP through policies and incentives to businesses and consumers. Read more »
draft telecom bill

TRAI: Lack of autonomy, punitive powers reduce telecom regulator to a bystander

TRAI turned a blind eye to violations by telecom operators and failed to impose quality standards, punish violators, and protect consumers. Read more »
Digital India Act

Government panels for social media regulation is a regressive move

While Facebook and Twitter were in favour of a joint panel for social media regulation as suggested by the government, Google’s opposition to external scrutiny thwarted the move. Read more »
digital lending mobile apps india

RBI digital lending norms threaten to put shadow banks out of business

Financial innovations and fresh digital lending norms threaten the business models of shadow lenders at a time when they face significant operational risks. Read more »
big tech regulation in India, artificial intelligence, AI

Big tech continues to skirt laws; savvy regulation need of the hour

Unbridled market power of big tech poses problems for smaller companies which get lost in the sea of vendors, and users whose privacy and consumer rights are compromised. Read more »
draft telecom bill

Telecom Bill 2022 draws flak for breach of privacy, TRAI powers

The Telecom Bill 2022 in its present form will empower the department of telecommunications at the cost of users, sector regulator. Read more »

Ecommerce boom: India must ensure that small players too benefit

The biggest downsides of the ecommerce boom are the digital exclusion of MSMEs, IPR infringements, and the gaps in the current regulatory and enforcement mechanisms. Read more »