IT industry

Indian IT industry adapts as global headwinds test resilience

Facing a revenue slowdown, the Indian IT industry is leaning on innovation and a skilled workforce to overcome the challenging economic climate. #ITsector #economy #IT #industry Read more »
FAME II, EVs, India, sustainability, EMPS

EMPS scheme sparks debate on subsidies, sustainability

The EMPS scheme offers subsidies for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, but with lower caps compared with FAME-II. #EMPS #FAME #EVs Read more »
sustainable practices by the mining industry

Mining industry must rediscover equity, environmental harmony

The mining industry needs to coexist sustainably, and also explore the moral compass in its quest for a just future. Read more »
Chinese domination in EV market

Charging ahead: China’s EV revolution is shaking up the global market

Superior EV performance and affordability drive Chinese dominance in the global market, leaving traditional carmakers playing catch-up. #China #EVs Read more »

Digital public good: Can UPI survive without merchant fees?

As UPI transaction volumes touch new highs, the industry calls for a market-driven solution like MDR charges to ensure growth and sustainability. #UPI Read more »
PE-VC investment

PE-VC investments fall despite robust growth numbers

Despite India's strong economic growth, PE-VC investments decline in 2023, reflecting both market maturity and global uncertainties. #startups #investment #privateequity Read more »
Spectrum allocation

Vodafone Idea’s troubles will weigh on India’s telecom industry

Vodafone Idea's financial woes highlight the need for a balanced approach to competition in India's booming telecom industry. #VodafoneIdea #telecom Read more »
Indian textile industry faces headwinds

Textile industry: Synthetics, fast fashion can help India reclaim lost glory

Facing declining exports and rising imports, India's textile industry needs a multi-pronged approach to regain its global standing. Read more »
semiconductor, semicon jobs

Global semiconductor market: India makes a bold play for a toehold

India's late entry into the semiconductor game is fueled by ambition, strategic partnerships, and a focus on domestic talent. #semiconductor Read more »
India critical minerals mining

Critical minerals: India seeks independence amid global uncertainty

The government is looking to unlock domestic reserves of critical minerals, and forge strategic alliances in its quest for self-reliance. Read more »