G20 summit on climate change, sustainable development

Post truth: Twitter ban on ads pushing climate change denial may yield little

Twitter to ban ads propagating climate change denial, but similar action by Google, Facebook failed to stop spread of misinformation. Read more »
The world earth day

Earth Day 2022: India must invest in effective enforcement of environment laws

Earth Day 2022 must be seen as an opportunity to address the shortcomings that stop it from performing better on key parameters. Read more »
climate change and fossil fuel industry

Climate change: IPCC report 2022 an indictment of fossil fuel industry

The third and final climate change report by IPCC highlights the influence of fossil fuel industry that could derail efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »
ESG reporting

Ecolabelling, public procurement support key to achieving SDG 12

Ecolabelling needs to be promoted as there is pressure on India to shift towards sustainable consumption and production and to improve its sustainability ranking. Read more »
facebook and climate change denial

Facebook algorithm promotes disinformation on climate change: Study

Facebook serves disinformation to climate change sceptics, pushing them to communities that oppose climate action, says study. Read more »
climate change and the record-breaking heatwave

Heat stress will make parts of poor countries unlivable

By 2050, heat stress will make several parts of South Asia, and regions around the Persian Gulf and Red Sea uninhabitable. Read more »
india's green hydrogen drive

Ukraine war: Soaring gas prices make green hydrogen a viable fuel option

The Ukraine crisis has pushed natural gas prices to record levels, making grey hydrogen more expensive that green hydrogen. Read more »
policy circle image

UNEA agreement on plastic pollution a landmark

The United Nations Environment Assembly has reached an agreement to bring in a binding global treaty by 2024 to end plastic pollution. Read more »
climate change warning

Climate change: IPCC report warns of closing window of opportunity

Without drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, several parts of the world including areas in India will become unlivable due to the impact of climate change. Read more »
single-use plastic

Marine plastic pollution: World inches towards an agreement

There are several treaties that cover marine plastic pollution, but none tackle the menace at a global level. Read more »