single-use plastics

Plastic pollution: An international treaty soon to tackle the menace

A global agreement to end plastic pollution will be finalised by the end of 2024 which will put forward international standards for monitoring production to ensure that plastics are recyclable and chemically... Read more »
India's sustainability quest

UN report seeks doubling of fund flows for climate change mitigation by 2025

Without sufficient finance, the world will fail to achieve its climate change mitigation, biodiversity and land degradation neutrality targets, says a UNEP report. Read more »
green hydrogen strategy for Indiasupply mismatch

Green hydrogen opportunity may fizzle out without policy support

Much of the noise about green hydrogen comes from wishful thinking as the world is nowhere near producing enough green hydrogen to meet the rising energy demand. Read more »
himalayan springs are drying up

Drying Himalayan springs need urgent attention

The government and local communities should channel their resources to revive Himalayan springs, non-glacial rivers and other traditional water sources. Read more »
budget 2023 green initiatives

Green hydrogen: Uncertainties mar efforts to ramp up capacity

As development the green hydrogen industry is facing several uncertainties, the governments need to set up regulatory bodies and help develop clean fuel markets. Read more »
global warming and climate change

What is the loss and damage fund? Why is it key to war on climate change

A debate over the contributors and beneficiaries of the proposed loss and damage fund could derail its formation despite support at UN climate change summit. Read more »
public health budget 2023

COP27: Urgent need to focus on health impact of climate change

The world leaders assembled in Egypt for COP27 must take notice of the 7 million deaths every year caused by air pollution and climate change and the mental trauma of about 25... Read more »
cop27 climate change summit

COP27: Little optimism around UN climate change talks

The Ukraine conflict may be a larger factor in climate change mitigation efforts than the slow and complex COP27 summit. Read more »
cop27 un climate change summit

COP27: Reparations, energy crisis to dominate climate change conference agenda

Fault lines have begun to appear as world leaders prepare to discuss climate action at COP27 UN climate change conference in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheik. Read more »
cop27 un climate change summit

COP27: India’s ancient learnings can help climate change mitigation efforts

At COP27, India’s Mission LiFE initiative can offer a blueprint for individual and collective action towards climate change mitigation through age-old sustainable practices. Read more »