Rising number of forest fires in Uttarakhand

Forest fires in Uttarakhand: Count on women to save environment

The Uttarakhand government must entrust part of conservation efforts to community leaders and women to prevent forest fires. Read more »
Uttarakhand development paradigm

Uttarakhand must chart a path of inclusive, sustainable growth

Years after the formation of Uttarakhand, concerns remain regarding environmental protection, economic development, and citizen participation. Read more »
himalayan springs are drying up

Drying Himalayan springs need urgent attention

The government and local communities should channel their resources to revive Himalayan springs, non-glacial rivers and other traditional water sources. Read more »
char dham road project and himalayan ecology

Char Dham road project should limit damage to Himalayan ecology

Large-scale construction by the strategically important Char Dham road project is causing irreparable damage to the fragile Himalayan ecology and could have disastrous consequences. Read more »
Extreme weather events

People’s participation can prevent forest fires

Creation of more van panchayats and more autonomy to these bodies would strengthen the involvement of local communities in preventing forest fires. Read more »