GST regime, budget 2023

Budget 2023: India needs to push the envelope to allay ecological concerns

Budget 2023 has pledged Rs 35,000 crore in support of net zero and energy transition objectives, although the fine print of the plan is yet to be announced. Read more »
Income tax, budget 2023

Budget 2023 reduces income tax burden on middle class

The raising of income tax exemption limit promises to be highly popular among the middle class, but will raise a challenge for the government which is struggling to rein in the ballooning... Read more »
Budget 2023

Budget 2023 presents hope amid global headwinds

For the upcoming financial year 2023-24, the budget 2023 has reduced the fiscal deficit target to 5.9% of the GDP. Read more »
Economic survey

Economic Survey 2022-23: Inflation, current account concerns for next year

The Economic Survey expects the economic growth rate for the year 2023-24 to be slightly lower than the earlier projections, but says India will remain the fastest growing major economy in the... Read more »
Indian railways, budget 2023, FM Nirmala Sitharaman will present budget 2022 on February 1.

Budget 2023: Indian Railways seeks Rs 2 trillion allocation

The Indian railways ministry has sought higher allocation from Budget 2023 to meet the funding needs of projects in network expansion, electrification and signalling, as well as rolling stock upgradation. Read more »
budget 2023 north east india

Budget 2023: Focus on infrastructure in northeastern region

Budget 2023 is expected to focus on Infrastructure projects in the northeast to boost connectivity in the form of airports and railways links. Read more »
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Budget 2023: Rationalise direct taxes to boost growth

Budget 2023 may simplify and rationalise the complex direct tax regime to boost economic growth at a time when Indian economy is facing global headwinds. Read more »
Budget 2023 on social sector

Budget 2023 will raise social spending despite constraints

Budget 2023 may roll out heavy public spending in education and healthcare as India seeks to tap its demographic dividend. Read more »
MSME sector budget 2023 wishlist

Budget 2023: 10 suggestions to kickstart MSME sector

The government must establish a separate ministry for micro enterprises that constitute 99% of the MSMEs as they need different policies, different support and different growth strategies, writes KE Raghunathan. Read more »
Budget 2023,

Budget must promote competition, policy convergence

The Union Budget 2022-23 must adopt a national competition policy to address the distorted playing field that disincentivises potential market entrants, prevents innovation, and locks capital and labour. Read more »