Cold chain infrastructure key to farm sector growth

The Indian cold storage market is expected to grow 16.09% annually on the back of growth in retail, fast food, food processing and e-commerce industries. Read more »
Unprecedented exports growth in India

RBI policy must focus on financial system stability

In the transition from lockdown to normalcy, there will be logistics problems, supply chain disruptions and market fragmentation that need to be tackled. Read more »
BUDGET 2021 by nirmala sitharaman

RBI must support government spending to kick-start growth

The Reserve Bank of India should pause rate cuts, must signal that it continues on the accommodative path and still has space for future cuts in policy rates. Read more »
new tamil nadu government budget

Social protection in Tamil Nadu: Covid-19 highlights need for universal coverage

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to strengthen the life-cycle approach of the relatively well-developed social protection system in Tamil Nadu. Read more »
Budget 2021 agriculture

Covid-19: Survey highlights apathy towards farmers’ cause

A survey conducted in 14 Maharashtra districts calls for government intervention and guidance to farmers for crop diversification and on sowing decisions. Read more »
South Asia trade

South Asia trade: India must forge close economic ties to ease regional tension

The Narendra Modi government must revive its neighbour first policy and remove tariff, non-tariff barriers to trade for prosperity and peace in the region. Read more »
India is the largest producer of milk.

Why India should avoid milk powder imports

India became self-sufficient in milk and milk products in 1970s, Indian milk products are in demand globally and the country exported 123,877 tonnes in 2018-19. Read more »

Addressing livelihood issues of fisherfolk during fishing ban

As seasonal ban results in livelihood issues among fisherfolk, there is a need to ensure them benefit of schemes such as free ration, MGNREGA and PM-KISAN. Read more »
online education challenge

Online learning: Opportunities in the time of Covid pandemic

Inattentive students, multiple logins, peeping parents and bullying give a tough time to teachers. Can online education be more engaging and fun. Read more »
Domestic violence on the rise during lockdowns

Shadow pandemic: Tackling domestic violence amid Covid-19 outbreak

Household stress and domestic conflicts caused by unemployment, income loss and other hardships affect family welfare, parenting quality and old-age support. Read more »