High suicide rates in developed states

India’s Faustian bargain: Alcohol revenues trump health, welfare

More than a fourth of India’s workforce is unemployed at present. Opening up of alcohol trade will result in a drain on already dwindling household savings, pushing several families further into financial... Read more »
Congested Indian city

Decongest cities, promote industries in villages to revive economic growth

Apart from short-term measures to mitigate economic pain of the pandemic, the government must also rethink the current development paradigm. Read more »

An imperfect future: Imagining the post-Covid world order

The new world order: The post-coronavirus world will witness a rise in authoritarianism, protectionist economic policies, and mounting social tension, says Pushparaj Deshpande. Read more »
covid-19 second wave in india

India may cap coronavirus deaths below 7,000

The government must probe high coronavirus fatality in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Read more »
India SEZs face Covid Coronavirus threat

COVID-19: Lockdown poses fresh challenges to SEZs

SEZs may be allowed to sell in domestic market till other industrial units become fully operational after the lockdown. Read more »
MSMEs face export barriers

WTO using Covid-19 pandemic to push expansionist free trade agenda

WTO’s attempt to liberalise medical equipment trade to favour developed countries highlights the need to reform the organisation. Read more »
Migrant labour exodus

Covid-19: Time to build a robust database of migrants

It is important for the country to have a nationwide open database of migrant workers to provide them a healthy and secure lifestyle. Read more »
Exodus of migrant labour

‘Covid-19 lockdown debate is lives vs lives, not lives vs livelihoods’

Humans face the risk of death from a vast number of pathogens every single day. Coronavirus is going to be just another one, Dr Jay Bhattacharya. Read more »

FDI screening: Need of the hour in the time of non-transparent capital flows

There is an urgent need to issue criteria for identification of strategic sectors and to expand the screening to all countries. Read more »

Indebtedness, hunger may push Bengal’s tribes into bonded labour

Denotified tribes across the country are engaged in the informal economy, and the lockdown has hit them severely. Read more »