Narendra Modi's US visit

Modi’s US visit: Pharma supply chains, affordable medicines on agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit may pave the way for collaborations in affordable drug manufacturing and in tackling rising healthcare costs. #modivisit #indiaus #drugprices #healthcare Read more »
india's school education crisis

Beyond numbers: Understanding India’s school education crisis

The issue of children outside the school education system requires a solution that addresses political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. #fropoutrate #nep2020 #cbse Read more »
Focus on its rural infrastructure

Agritech startups key to farm productivity, market access

Agritech startups can boost farmers' incomes by providing innovative solutions to precision farming, farm management, supply chain management, and finance. Read more »
technical textiles industry, bangladesh economy

Technical textiles: Inflation takes a toll on tech-heavy industry

Stubbornly high inflation leaves little room for technical textiles industry to invest enough in research and development. Read more »
eRupee India's CBDC

eRupee: The road ahead for India’s CBDC

eRupee will bring in efficiency, transparency and stability to India’s financial markets. Read more »
ICT skills gap in digital india

India looks to unleash its services exports potential

Enhanced digitisation and mutual recognition agreements can help India achieve its services exports targets. Read more »
healthcare spending and sustainable budgeting.

Healthcare spending: Govt focus on sustainable budgeting after Covid-19 shock

The Union and state governments have redesigned their healthcare spending to ensure improved delivery of services and sustainable budgeting. Read more »
startups, PE VC funding

New corporate tax regime: Tax havens, MNCs to lose out

The corporate tax regime accepted by 135 countries will end treaty shopping by MNCs and put tax havens out of business. Read more »
GST collections soar

India has become a hotspot of merger and acquisition deals amid Covid-19 crisis

Global investors are looking at opportunities for merger and acquisition deals in India like they looked at China a decade or so ago. Read more »
Importance of health insurance cover

Health Insurance: Covid-19 forces a change in mindset

Indian middle class has realised the importance health insurance after the high out-of-pocket expenditure for Covid-19 treatment pushed several families into financial ruin. Read more »