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US economy faces stagflation amid consumer resilience

US economy: Despite slowing GDP growth and inflation woes, American consumers go on a spending spree, presenting a challenge for the Federal Reserve. #USeconomy #inflation #GDP Read more »
US Economy

US economy chases disinflation dream amid global headwinds

Despite concerns over runaway inflation, the US economy posts robust growth figures to boost the sagging global growth rates. #economy #inflation Read more »
US economy out of woods

US economy overcomes recession fears, sets the stage for soft landing

Buoyed by resilient job market and easing inflation, the US economy defied expectations to chart a course for continued growth in the new year. #useconomy #fed #dollar Read more »
US economy faces inflation threat

US economy: Sticky inflation, strong dollar to test Fed policy

The #Fed may hold its benchmark interest rate steady at a 22-year high, but the US economy’s struggle against sticky #inflation may linger. #useconomy #interestrates #federalreserve Read more »
Impact of the US debt ceiling crisis

US debt ceiling crisis exposes global economic vulnerabilities

The last-minute deal to avert the US debt ceiling crisis will have repercussions reverberating across the global economy. #inflation #useconomy #fiscaldeficit Read more »
US economy awaits Fed action

Can the US economy avert a banking crisis, global recession

The crisis in the banking sector has aggravated the situation for the US economy and the #federalreserve that are struggling to avert a full-fledged #globalrecession. #fed #creditsuisse #svb Read more »
President Biden's $1.9 trillion US stimulus package

$1.9 trillion US stimulus package to boost India growth, nudge inflation

A potential increase in country risk premia and pressure on domestic yields caused by the US stimulus could tighten domestic financial conditions. Read more »
Impact of demonetisation on Indian economy.

IMF predicts global recession, puts India growth at 1.9%

The IMF expects the US economy to shrink by 5.9% this year and the euro zone by 7.5%. China is projected to grow at 1.2%. Read more »