Social security in India

Social security in India: The fragile shield faces growing economic challenges

The decline in the coverage of social security in India reflects a deterioration in job quality and a reduction in jobs offering benefits. #socialsecurity Read more »
Budget 2023, subsidies

ESIC to park surplus funds in stock market via ETFs

The ESIC will invest 5% of its surplus funds in stocks in the beginning and will increase to 15%, based on the review of the investment after two quarters. Read more »
Ageing Indian society

Ageing India must build a foolproof social security net

Ageing India will a need strong social security net, knitted around better healthcare facilities and welfare schemes for the future. Read more »
labour codes violate workers rights

Labour Codes: Imposing a new form of slavery on India’s working class

Definitions of workmen, employee, wages and allowances are used interchangeably in a manipulative way in labour codes to deprive a large section of workers of their legal rights. Read more »