UNDP human development report

UNDP human development report lauds India’s successes, flags inequalities

The UNDP human development report urges India to address inequalities through strategies such as focusing on poverty-stricken states, empowering marginalised communities, and installing social safety nets. Read more »
inequality and poverty in india

How India battled poverty, inequality post Covid-19

The #Covid19 pandemic crisis led to an increase in #inequality and #poverty, but targeted #socialsupport schemes became India's lifeline during the crisis. #multidimensionalpoverty Read more »

UN Food Systems Summit: Anarchy no alternative to multilateralism

The counter mobilisations at the UN Food Systems Summit were an attack on multilateralism, the best available option to raise critical global issues. Read more »
public health spending in budget 2023

Hard lessons: Layers of government must work in tandem to beat Covid-19

The government must channelise all its management and financial resources to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic before the third wave strikes India. Read more »
Covid-19 and extreme poverty

Changing tack: Poverty action in the time of Covid-19 pandemic

The graduation model assists subjects in securing earning potential, social protection and financial literacy in an overarching development approach. Read more »
ubi for indian poor

Boon or bane? Universal basic income is not a poverty eradication tool

By rolling out the UBI, the government is washing its hands off the obligation of ensuring food, shelter, education, healthcare and social security. Read more »
Empty New York Street

Coronavirus and capitalism’s hour of crisis

The ineptitude of the capitalist world in the face of Covid-19 crisis exposes the inadequacy of the market mechanism. Read more »