India-UK FTA

India-UK FTA: Public health must get priority in trade talks

India-UK FTA raises concerns over public health, highlighting the need for stronger health considerations in trade talks. #IndiaUKFTA #trade #economy Read more »
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India-UK FTA poised for take-off, but concerns linger

The Labour Party's ascent to power necessitates adjustments to the India-UK FTA, but both sides remain committed to the deal. Read more »
India-UK FTA

India-UK FTA: Potential gains, challenges in post-Brexit world

India-UK FTA will need both sides to make strategic choices to unlock the full potential of the pact, especially in labour-intensive sectors. #wto #ilo #g20 #freetradepact Read more »
India-UK FTA

India-UK FTA: Weighing trade gains against non-trade barriers

India must carefully assess and address non-trade obligations under the India-UK FTA to ensure that the final agreement aligns with its economic and strategic interests. #fta #wto #eu #indiauk #tariffs Read more »

India-UK FTA talks stumble on rules of origin, whiskey duties

The negotiations for the India-UK FTA eye a groundbreaking free trade agreement that will set the benchmark for future trade pacts. #FTA #freetrade #economy Read more »

India-UK FTA: Unleashing the bilateral trade potential

India-UK FTA is expected to facilitate the doubling of bilateral trade between India and the United Kingdom by 2030. Read more »