IBC: Huge haircuts, low recovery spoil the code’s report card

Despite resolving a record number of cases, India's IBC grapples with rising haircuts for creditors, raising concerns about its effectiveness. #IBC #NCLT #insolvency Read more »
IBC, Climate change

Govt plans IBC revision to tackle climate change-related bankruptcies

A rise in climate disruptions is prompting India to consider revamping IBC, its bankruptcy code, to better handle companies facing environmental liabilities. #IBC #climatechange Read more »
IBC instills discipline among corporates

Beyond insolvency: IBC is enforcing discipline, boosting recovery

From fostering entrepreneurship to streamlining processes, the IBC's impact extends far beyond resolving bad debt. Read more »
insolvency and bankruptcy, IBC

IBC: Professionals must gear up, take more cases, deliver speedy resolution

India's #IBC law may have seen betterment over the course of seven years, but there is a long way to go to achieve desired outcomes. #IBC #insolvencyandbankruptcycode Read more »

NCLT guidelines: Govt’s bold steps to expedite resolution of IBC cases

Corporate affairs ministry is spearheading a strategic overhaul of the NCLT guidelines to expedite IBC cases. #IBC #NCLT #InsolvencyandBankruptcy #Law Read more »

IBC changes: The bankruptcy law plagued by information asymmetry

India offers a potential market for distressed assets, but #IBC doesn’t provide a marketplace or e-platform to potential #investors. #insolvencyandbankruptcycode Read more »
insolvency and bankruptcy, IBC

Govt proposes changes to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Inherent flaws in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code lead to more liquidations than resolutions -- between December 2016 and March 2022, 47% of corporate insolvency processes went into liquidation while just 14%... Read more »
Indian economy

Magic of 3Cs: A business restructuring mantra for corporates ravaged by Covid-19

Troubled corporates can come out stronger from business restructuring if they handle the tough times with sincerity, tenacity, and commitment. Read more »
India's four labour codes

Insolvency resolution: Why corporate MSMEs deserve special treatment

India’s gross domestic product had a great fall in the first quarter of 2020-21, pushing the economy into deep uncertainty. The sharp contraction of the economy made a huge dent on the... Read more »
IBC may be better served by an overhaul

The IBC dilemma: Will Covid-19 relaxations render insolvency laws ineffective?

The question is will the relaxation in bankruptcy laws enacted to help struggling corporates lead to a situation where it will be difficult to roll them back. Read more »