india's economic liberalisation

30 years of liberalisation: What did India achieve, what it didn’t

By KP Vipin Chandran Economic liberalisation – A scorecard: India’s economic reforms and the successful policies of economic stabilisation and structural adjustment came as reaction to the balance of payments crisis in... Read more »
alcohol revenues of indian states

Why suicide rates are higher in India’s developed states

Consumerism and influence of social media in richer states result in high aspirations and low social interaction, affecting people emotionally and mentally, leading to high suicide rates. Read more »
GST in education

All Inclusive Economic Development: The GDP alternative offers a better measure of progress

Gross domestic product is a narrow and an inadequate metric to capture the holistic and true value of health investment, leading to economic wellbeing. Read more »
Mental health of students amid Covid-19

World Population Day: India needs a comprehensive population policy

Population growth will be driven by multiple factors such as child mortality, education among women, urbanisation, and access to reproductive healthcare. Read more »