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Beyond numbers: Understanding India’s school education crisis

The issue of children outside the school education system requires a solution that addresses political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. #fropoutrate #nep2020 #cbse Read more »
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UGC bid to woo foreign universities welcome, but it must focus on homegrown ones

The UGC decision to allow foreign universities comes at a time when local institutions are facing serious challenges in terms of resources, infrastructure and academic freedom. Read more »
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Interdisciplinary push: Liberating higher education from excessive specialisation

There is a need for complex interdisciplinary solutions, but the transformation of higher education will need to address issues of finance, endowment, and infrastructure. Read more »
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UGC woos foreign universities with autonomy promise; chokes the best at home

The UGC will invite applications from foreign universities seeking to set up campuses in India once the proposed guidelines are approved by the government. Read more »
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Opportunity beckons India’s higher education sector

India’s higher education institutions are consistently improving their global rankings, but they still have a long way to go to be global leaders. Read more »
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Online learning is the new normal; government must ensure access to all

The government should use education cess corpus to create urban learning clusters to ensure online access to deprived classes. Read more »