green hydrogen output may fall short

Hype vs Reality: Green hydrogen capacity in 2030 may fall short

Only 4% of the green hydrogen projects have been finalised as the sector is plagued by uncertainties about future demand, regulatory frameworks and delivery infrastructure. Read more »
green hydrogen

Two landmark deals will transform green hydrogen industry

The convergence of a number of geopolitical and economic factors have made green hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Read more »
green hydrogen output may fall short

Energy economy: Green hydrogen is becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuels

As green hydrogen becomes a viable alternative to fossil fuels, it will attract investments away from coal, petrochemicals and blue hydrogen. Read more »
green hydrogen is the future fuel

Green hydrogen cheaper than LNG now; energy market to witness disruption

Green hydrogen is still a long way away from becoming a significant player in the global energy equations, but all major economies are investing heavily in producing the fossil fuel alternative. Read more »
india's green hydrogen drive

India’s green hydrogen drive faces heavy odds

India has the potential to become a global leader in green hydrogen, but it needs to plug gaps in technology and funding. Read more »
Hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars make small gains amid EV surge

Hydrogen fuel cell cars have failed to notch up impressive sales figures because of the high price tag and the absence of refuelling infrastructure. Read more »
india's green hydrogen drive

Ukraine war: Soaring gas prices make green hydrogen a viable fuel option

The Ukraine crisis has pushed natural gas prices to record levels, making grey hydrogen more expensive that green hydrogen. Read more »
cheap green hydrogen technology

Green hydrogen: Prices to fall as cheap electrolysers set to hit market

Energy analysts tip green hydrogen to be the cheapest source of energy by 2030 as cheap electrolyser technologies are set to flood the market. Read more »
green hydrogen revolution coming

Green hydrogen prices will crash to $1 per kg by 2030: Study

Green hydrogen prices will crash below $1 per kg due to a host of factors such as economies of scale, new entrants in the market, greater automation and increased modularity. Read more »
india's green hydrogen drive

COP26: Green hydrogen gets a leg up at climate change meet

Creating a green hydrogen fuel ecosystem will be a huge business opportunity worth more than $20 trillion globally, and India could be a major beneficiary. Read more »