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India’s electric vehicles ambition runs into a Chinese wall

India's electric vehicles industry faces supply chain hurdles in China as it targets green mobility. #EV #China #greenmobility #electricvehicles Read more »
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BluSmart’s affordable electric car set to shake up EV market

Ride-sharing company BluSmart Mobility is set to make waves in the electric vehicle market with a competitively priced electric car that may disrupt the market dominated by Tata Motors. #IndiaSustainabilitySummit #EVs Read more »
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EVs in India: Electric two-wheelers adoption skyrockets

EVs in India: Electric two-wheelers adoption is on the rise despite challenges such as dependence on component imports, subsidy cuts, and absence of vehicle recycling and scrappage policies. #EVs #electricvehicles #indianews Read more »
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FAME Scheme: Electric vehicles face pricing, consumer confidence issues

Electric vehicles industry grapples with high prices, compliance issues, corruption allegations, and inadequate charging infrastructure. #EV #Electricvehicles #FAME Read more »
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Next round of FAME scheme key to India’s EV ambitions

The FAME scheme offers incentives to buyers of EVs and manufacturers, helping to create jobs and reducing dependence on imports. Read more »
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Electric vehicles: Amended standards to weigh on output, sales

The amendments to AIS156 norms come at a time when electric vehicles makers are struggling to meet the surging demand. Read more »
India lacks electric vehicles charging infrastructure

Electric vehicles: Building charging station infrastructure a huge challenge

India’s electric vehicles transformation faces challenges such as high prices of electric vehicles, shortage of EV charging stations, and low battery production capacity. Read more »
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Electric cars: India on Mission Catch-up against odds

NITI Aayog has declared in 2019 that only electric vehicles will be sold in the country after 2030. Read more »
India promotes electic vehicles to meet Paris Agreement targets

India clears 2,636 charging stations to push EV sales

The Modi government is promoting the sale of electric vehicles through tax concessions and subsidies to address the issue of worsening air quality. Read more »