US economy faces inflation threat

US economy: Sticky inflation, strong dollar to test Fed policy

The #Fed may hold its benchmark interest rate steady at a 22-year high, but the US economy’s struggle against sticky #inflation may linger. #useconomy #interestrates #federalreserve Read more »
rupee, dollar

Rupee vs dollar: Indian currency in flux amid global turbulence

The rupee faces an uncertain future as it grapples with economic challenges and global headwinds. #rupee #dollar #economy Read more »
dedollarisation in action

Dedollarisation in action: Nations seek to reduce dependence on the dollar

Countries eye dedollarisation as they seek economic independence and lower risk by reducing reliance on the #dollar. #yuan #euro #pound #rupee Read more »
US economy faces inflation threat

Foreign exchange reserves: Impact on global trade, financial stability

Foreign exchange reserves experienced rapid growth in relation to global liquidity and trade since the early 2000s, but have stabilised recently. Read more »
US economy faces inflation threat

Surging dollar: Emerging markets struggle to weather economic impact

The emerging markets are left with no option but to match Fed rate hikes as they fight economic slowdown, currency depreciation against the dollar, and soaring inflation. Read more »
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Explained: What a weak rupee means to the Indian economy

The RBI may not intervene aggressively to boost the weak rupee, but it may step in to reduce volatility. Read more »
cryptocurrency regulation RBI India

Cryptocurrency: Govt, RBI must exercise utmost caution

The RBI and the finance ministry should take lessons from the gradual opening of capital accounts and weather the pressure to legalise cryptocurrency. Read more »