India sceptical on cryptocurrencies, but open to global cooperation

As India takes the lead at the G20, the nation grapples with regulating cryptocurrencies amid global momentum for digital currencies. #G20 #crptocurrencies #crypto Read more »

Future tense: Too early to write off cryptocurrencies

The RBI maintains that cryptocurrencies posed a threat to the macroeconomic and financial stability of the Indian economy. Read more »
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Cryptocurrencies: India may firm up rules around OECD framework

The OECD framework for regulation of cryptocurrencies will enable timely tracking of information and ensure that regulatory and tax compliances are adhered to across jurisdictions. Read more »
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Uncertain future: Are cryptocurrencies headed towards a great winter?

While cryptocurrency obsession is real, the government of India has not been that enamoured with the prospect of digital currencies in its financial ecosystem. Read more »
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Cryptocurrency: India set to chart middle path between ban and free trading

The government has listed the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021 for introduction in the winter session of Parliament. Read more »

Cryptocurrency: India should go in for an outright ban

Cryptocurrency with no underlying assets cannot be legal tender or an asset class like stocks, debt paper, real estate or commodities. Read more »