sustainability and justice

Sustainability: An enabler for just economic transition

A profound dialogue on sustainability is emerging, emphasising the need to work for human survival while harnessing natural resources. #sustainability #climatechange #globalwarming #esg Read more »
Climate change triggers devastating floods

Climate change: Catastrophic floods highlight need for urgent mitigation efforts

Streamlined mitigation efforts are needed to address the profound societal and economic impact of #extremeweather events caused by climate change. #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
India's sustainability champions

ESG integration can unleash business success with societal impact

The integration of #ESG principles can propel businesses towards enhanced profitability, societal resilience, and a sustainable future, writes Srinath Sridharan. #climatechange #globalwarming #sustainability Read more »
India Sustainability Summit 2023

Sustainability push needs public awareness, informed policy responses

Sustainability is not just the responsibility of one sector or group, but a collective effort involving multiple stakeholders, says Amarendu Prakash, Chairman, SAIL. #climatechange #sustainableenergy #climatechange Read more »
Global food security under threat

Global food security at risk as fertilizer prices surge

An OECD-FAO report highlights the need for steps to address food loss, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure a stable multilateral trading system to ensure food security. #climatechange #poverty Read more »
Green energy transition

Green energy transition: US, India forge a game-changing partnership

The United States has offered help in accelerating India's green energy transition as two of the world's heaviest polluters look to combat climate change. #climatechange #greenenergy #cleanenergytransition Read more »
India Inc. and sustainability

Sustainability at the centre of Indian corporates’ growth plans

Indian corporates are in the forefront of the #sustainability movement in terms of resource allocation and disclosure, says a Policy Circle survey. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
tomato prices

Climate change takes its toll; tomato prices shoot through the roof

Govt must act to stabilise food prices as climate change-induced disruptions and inadequate storage push tomato prices to stratospheric levels. Read more »
climate finance challenge

Climate finance: The most vulnerable countries need more than promises

Without access to climate finance, developing countries are struggling to implement their #climatechange adaptation and mitigation plans, writes @ssmumbai. #globalwarming #climatefunds Read more »
climate change and the record-breaking heatwave

Climate change: Sweltering heatwave envelops the planet

Planet #earth swelters as record-breaking #heatwave engulfs the globe, signalling the dire consequences of climate change and urging immediate action. #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »