cities and climate change

Ticking time bomb: Can our cities survive climate change?

The world’s megacities are facing the brunt of climate change with extreme weather, rising seas, and heatwaves ravaging urban centres. Read more »
Climate change, consumerism

Climate change: We need a behavioural revolution to save the planet

Our cravings are crushing the planet -- reduce mindless consumption to avert climate change and eventual human extinction, says study. #climatechange #sustainability #capitalism Read more »
towards climate change mitigation

Tackling climate change requires thinking global, acting local

#Greenhouse gases do not respect boundaries, and climate change solutions demand intricate strategies that consider economics, politics, and the environment. #globalwarming #cop28 Read more »
COP28 announcing the setting up of the Loss and Damage Fund

COP28 shows glimmer of hope, but green tech innovation needs a boost

COP28 focus on adaptation and climate finance welcome, but harnessing green technology is the key to overcoming economic hurdles. #COP28 #greentech #climatechange Read more »
cop28 climate summit Dubai

COP28 fractures over climate action, leaving hope hanging in balance

As COP28 Dubai goes into overtime, a stark fissure in the global climate response emerges: can the world leaders mend it with decisive action? Read more »
Climate change and heatwaves affect labour productivity

Heatwaves: Climate change’s invisible productivity killers

With a projected 100 billion lost labour hours, heatwaves triggered by climate change are a national emergency for India's working future. Read more »
COP28 announcing the setting up of the Loss and Damage Fund

EXPLAINED: COP28’s Loss and Damage Fund is a step towards climate justice

The establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund at #COP28 raises crucial questions about its effectiveness in addressing the disparate impact of #climatechange. #lossanddamagefund Read more »
COP28 Dubai

COP28 Dubai: Can the world rise to the climate change challenge

#COP28 Dubai will be a pivotal moment in the global response to climate change, with fossil fuel dependency, #climatefinance, and health impact in focus. #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »
The Climate-Changed Child, a UNICEF report

The Climate-Changed Child: UNICEF report a stark reminder of the looming crisis

#climatechange is a child rights crisis, and the world must protect the most vulnerable, says The Climate-Changed Child, a #UNICEF report. #globalwarming Read more »

Green bonds and India’s climate ambitions: Challenges and opportunities

India's green bonds market is still in its early stages, but insurance companies are expected to drive demand due to regulatory requirements. #greenbonds #climatechange Read more »