COP26 summit at Glasgow

COP26 Summit at Glasgow: Humanity races against time on climate change

At COP26, world leaders will strive to put together adequate climate funds, a Paris Agreement rulebook. Read more »
green bonds to fund clean energy

Centre, states must take green bonds route for clean energy, environment

Governments, private firms must be mindful of exchange rate risks while jumping into the green bonds bandwagon. Read more »
climate change and sustainable development

ESG reporting: Climate change, state emergency and stakeholder pursuit

The top climate change risks are converging, making environmental stewardship pivotal to planet sustainability, and global ESG action becoming the bulwark against massive direct impact. Read more »
tough task to meet climate change targets

World may miss climate change targets; IPCC for damage control

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has called for drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the current decade to stop a climate breakdown. Read more »
India's UN Security Council presidency

Security Council presidency an opportunity to showcase India’s leadership credentials

India should use its two-year stint at UN Security Council to address issues such as terrorism, food security, climate change, global health and use of UN sanctions. Read more »
India's UN Security Council presidency

UN Security Council: Demography, democracy in India’s favour

India should keep issues like Covid-19 and environment out of the UN Security Council; its global engagement should focus on achievable targets. Read more »
crisis communication challenge

A crisis communication playbook as Bay of Bengal turns into the womb of cyclones

The most successful crisis communication strategies begin with accepting that there is a problem, showing the face of leadership, and giving regular updates on what is being done. Read more »
climate change causing extreme weather events

Climate change tipping points warn against slow progress

Climate change will not destroy the world even if humanity failed to achieve emission targets, but long-term climate shifts could have disastrous consequences to agriculture and food security. Read more »
Climate Summit 2021 hosted by Joe Biden

Climate summit 2021: Economics may trump ethics, environment

World leaders must ensure that the Climate Summit 2021 hosted by the Joe Biden administration do not meet the same fate as the earlier attempts such as the Kyoto Protocol and Paris... Read more »
Indian presidency at UN Security Council

Sustainable development: ESG debates must enter classrooms, mass media

Capital, human capital and social capital have to come together for impactful ESG outcomes. Read more »