China leads the world in green hydrogen

China surges ahead in green hydrogen race, threatens fossil fuel dominance

China's progress in electrolyser capacity positions it as a world leader in green hydrogen production. Read more »
climate change tipping point

Climate change: New study says 92% of global warming man-made

Record warming in 2023 issues climate change warning, calls for urgent action to avoid catastrophic tipping points. Read more »
IBC, Climate change

Govt plans IBC revision to tackle climate change-related bankruptcies

A rise in climate disruptions is prompting India to consider revamping IBC, its bankruptcy code, to better handle companies facing environmental liabilities. #IBC #climatechange Read more »

Climate change: India braces for economic, human costs

Investing in renewable energy and green infrastructure can create jobs and safeguard India against extreme weather events caused by climate change. #climatechange Read more »
climate change mitigation efforts needed

WMO report warns of climate change tipping point

Record temperatures, vanishing ice, and surging emissions paint a grim picture of climate change, urging a seismic shift towards clean energy. Read more »

Climate change: Developing world faces unequal burden of economic costs

A new study forecasts trillions in economic losses by 2060 due to climate change, with developing countries facing the brunt of the impact. Read more »
El Nino to weaken this year

El Nino: India faces hot summer, uncertain monsoon in 2024

While a strong El Nino weakens, India may still face heat waves, uncertain monsoon in 2024. #Monsoon #ElNino #climatechange Read more »
The Human Development Report 2023–2024 and India

Climate change: India needs gender-responsive policy solutions

While climate change impacts everyone, Indian women are disproportionately vulnerable due to water scarcity, livelihood loss, and limited access to resources. Read more »
climate change and union budget

Upcoming Budget must focus on climate change resilience

The interim budget prioritises mitigation, but India cannot neglect adaptation in the face of rising climate change risks. Read more »
unemployment, PLFS, reforms agenda

India’s climate change woes push healthcare to the brink

Climate change, manifested in the form of rising heat, erratic rainfall, and extreme weather events, is wreaking havoc on India's public healthcare system. #climatechange #extremeweather #public #healthcare Read more »