rooftop solar

India’s rooftop solar revolution: Illuminating a sustainable future

Rooftop solar panels bloom across India, transforming homes into clean energy hubs and paving the way for a sustainable future. #sustainability #solar #greenenergy Read more »
Green energy transition

Green energy transition: US, India forge a game-changing partnership

The United States has offered help in accelerating India's green energy transition as two of the world's heaviest polluters look to combat climate change. #climatechange #greenenergy #cleanenergytransition Read more »
energy transition, clean energy

Energy transition: India’s innovative policies script a global success story

India has made significant strides in energy transition, standing out as the sole major economy driving sustainable energy adoption. #cleanenergy #climatechange #environment Read more »
tech imports

PLI scheme: Govt must address competitive imbalances, possible misuse

A study lists strategies for improving the performance of the PLI scheme that has scripted a few success stories in manufacturing. #plischeme #monilephoneindustry #climate change #cleanenergy Read more »
renewable energy, solar energy,

India set to be a leader in renewable energy, but may still miss own targets

India has a long way to go before it achieves its renewable energy targets and makes a dent in climate change mitigation. Read more »
Clean energy, fusion reaction

Is nuclear fusion the holy grail of clean energy quest

The main challenge in commercial generation of nuclear fusion power is creating an environment that can contain burning plasma needed to produce a self-sustaining fusion reaction. Read more »
solar energy

India set to achieve 1,00,000 MW solar power target by 2022

The country may miss PM Modi's 4,50,000 MW clean energy target. Read more »