RBI framework for SROs eyes transparency, accountability, growth

The RBI's framework positions SROs as central figures, fostering a culture of compliance and innovation within India's financial sector. Read more »
India's national TB elimination programme is struggling against the 2025 deadline

National TB elimination programme battles disparity, disease

While tuberculosis case detection rises, uneven state-level cure rates and the financial strain on patients expose India's TB elimination programme. Read more »
18th Lok Sabha election round the corner

Lok Sabha election may reshape India’s engagement strategies

As the Lok Sabha election approaches, significant pre-election reforms and policy shifts signal a new strategy in governance and diplomacy. Read more »
India's unemployment crisis

Unemployment challenge: Policymakers must focus on demographic dividend

India needs to find solutions to the persistent unemployment problem and strive to leverage its demographic dividend. Read more »
EU's model AI Act

The AI Act: EU’s giant leap towards responsible AI governance

The European Union's AI Act seeks to foster responsible use of artificial intelligence while addressing its potential risks. Read more »
Digital Competition Bill, Big Tech

Digital Competition Bill: Big Tech see red over ex-ante regulation

The draft Digital Competition Bill splits Big Tech - Google, Apple, Flipkart, Amazon, and Uber oppose pre-emptive regulation even as Twitter and Paytm extends support. Read more »
cryptocurrency regulation, Bitcoin

Global cryptocurrency boom: India’s regulatory dilemma continues

Investor optimism in cryptocurrency assets is on the rise, with Bitcoin funding rates indicating a strong appetite for investment. #cryptocurrency #regulation #policy #India Read more »
unemployment rate is not a nuanced policy tool

Unemployment metrics may have outlived their utility

Informed policymaking needs alternative unemployment metrics that capture underemployment, job quality, and long-term unemployment. #unemployment #policy Read more »
farmer protest in India

Farmer protest: Govt must reimagine agricultural policy

Climate change, economic disparity, and lack of access to technology - farmer protest calls for a multi-pronged solution to the agrarian crisis. Read more »
PSUs, corporate governance

State-owned, poorly governed: PSUs fall short on board composition

A report reveals all non-compliant companies in the BSE 100 for board independence were PSUs, raising concerns about their governance structures. #corporategovernance #PSUs Read more »