Global Hunger Index data suffer from quality issues

The Global Hunger Index is not a reliable measure of hunger because of questionable data collection practices and methodology issues. Read more »
india inflation vs economic growth

‘Inflation threat overstated; India will grow at steady pace’

Inflation in India is not because of fiscal or monetary profligacy, so there is no need to emulate aggressive rate hikes by the West. Read more »
startup entrepreneurs

India must stop mass migration of startup entrepreneurs

To stop mass migration by startup entrepreneurs, the government and the law enforcement agencies must start treating them with empathy and respect. Read more »
Ben Bernanke wins economics Nobel

Ben Bernanke receives economics Nobel for findings that did not help

Economics Nobel to Ben Bernanke raises a few questions as he was the main influence on Fed Chairman Greenspan who kept interest rates unusually low, leading to the 2008 crisis. Read more »

Rural development: Data use for recreation limits potential of digital technology

Development of local business activities and integration of rural markets with larger supply chains will help India channelise its digital prowess for rural development, says study. Read more »
Tamil Nadu made substantial social sector progress.

Tamil Nadu: Socioeconomic progress fueled by welfare politics

The brilliant track record of the Tamil Nadu economy fades in front of its achievements in education, healthcare and poverty eradication. Read more »
malpractices by pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry: Tight regulation key to curbing unethical practices

The pharmaceutical industry seems incapable of self-regulation and ethical leadership, given its terrible reputation and failure to abide by the pharma code. Read more »
upi going global

UPI is India’s ticket to fintech power; it should remain free

Global lobbies are at work to make UPI a platform comparable to their paid networks -- RBI must resist the temptation to charge a fee. Read more »
Old pension scheme, new pension scheme, NPS, statutory pension

Accounting and auditing: AI triggers once-in-a-century transition

The emerging accounting and auditing ecosystem powered by blockchains will deliver safe data as well as trustworthy analysis and insights. Read more »
climate technology transfer from the US

Climate technology: US will seek revamp of India’s IP regime

India’s ambitious mitigation plan will require climate technology transfer from the US which is a leader in both investment and innovation. Read more »