Vande Bharat Mission flights to Kerala

Did Kerala fail its expats in Gulf countries?

Of the 629 VBM flights originating from the Gulf region, more than half (54%) landed in one of the four international airports in Kerala. Read more »
Indian curbs on Chinese FDI

Anticipating Chinese retaliation for India’s FDI restrictions

China’s ambition for uncontested supremacy in Asia will not allow it to take things lying down. Read more »
masks save economy from Covid-19

Covid-19: Broad guidelines for media coverage

This policy brief suggests 22 dos and don’ts for media -- includes print, visual, public engagement by authorities and shares and forwards by lay public -- during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more »
India Press Note 3 of 2020

India must fortify foreign investment screening rules to escape WTO scrutiny

India needs a proper system for the screening of FDI proposals that is not targeted at selected countries. Read more »
indian middle class shoppers in a mall

Honey I shrunk the middle class, killed the Indian economy

India faces a peculiar situation -- businesses are not borrowing because of a demand slump, the middle class is borrowing because their incomes have shrunk. Read more »
doctors, nurses migration from india

India must prepare for a bout of migration by doctors, medical staff

The central and state governments should incentivise and enhance medical education in public sector with a stipulation of mandatory service of a few years. Read more »
Kerala model against covid-19 coronavirus infection

Eight factors behind Kerala’s successful Covid-19 response

Other states may find Kerala a tough act to follow, because its success in dealing with Covid-19 comes from several unique socioeconomic and political factors. Read more »
India bank ATM

Easy money: Policy rates need further cuts to encourage banks to lend more

The repo rate and the reverse repo rate can be cut further following the global trends as inflation is no longer a threat to the economy and businesses. Read more »
globalisation in coronavirus days

Strong state, attacks on freedom, protectionism will mark post-Covid world

The governments and leaders will attain commanding heights during Covid response, but the economic crisis and job losses will take the sheen off the leaders. Read more »
Agricultural reforms in India.

Dilution of Essential Commodities Act may result in lawlessness

The Union government seems to have abdicated its responsibilities and is encroaching on the state governments’ turf. Read more »