Regulating and taxing TechFins, FinTechs

TechFins: Why India must stop their unregulated, untaxed run

Unregulated TechFins run by large technology firms such as Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Apple, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Airtel, and Reliance JIO can easily out-compete traditional financial services firms. Read more »
india's critical infrastructure

Chinese digital paw marks on India’s critical infrastructure

The Chinese penetration of the critical infrastructure is much beyond the power sector; the broadband infrastructure of India rests on Huawei appliances, administered by BSNL. Read more »
sovereign control over internet, data traffic

Why India should strive for control over its data, internet

It is of paramount importance to take care of India’s interests at the international regimes for Internet governance and data traffic. Read more »
cybersecurity and responsible data use in india

Cybersecurity: Some critical issues in a digitising world

Cybersecurity is neither expensive, nor intimidating as it was, and small businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks. Read more »
reasons behind suboptimal decisions

Rationality and reality: Why humans make suboptimal decisions

Individual decision-making has increasingly relied on heuristics which has in turn led to cognitive biases and suboptimal decisions. Read more »
The Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Changes to Arbitration law may open a can of worms

The Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2021 does not define the terms ‘fraud’ and ‘corruption’, allowing losing parties to obtain an automatic stay on enforcement of an arbitral award. Read more »
budget 2021 India economic reforms

Budget 2021: Nirmala Sitharaman’s economic vaccine for V-shaped recovery

There are more positives than negatives in Sitharaman’s Budget 2021 with the government seems to be firm on its commitment to revive the economy from the current crisis. Read more »
India's four labour codes

Labour reforms: What do the four labour codes mean to businesses, workers

The four labour codes expanded the ambit of some laws, removed some obsolete provisions, and made compliance easier, tilting the scale in favour of employers with some anti-worker provisions. Read more »
banking reforms in india

Consultations, regulation key to the success of banking reforms unveiled in Budget 2021

The government must be wary of pushing through the much-needed banking reforms without a proper cost-benefit analysis and a clear regulatory framework. Read more »
Budget 2021 sops to MSME

Budget 2021: Several sops for MSMEs, start-ups; but nothing to solve fund crunch

The start-ups and the MSMEs must look to reap the benefits offered in Budget 2021 and this is the key to putting the battered economy on track. Read more »