ESG reporting

ESG: Ethical commitment and sustainability in the emerging economic order

Businesses will have to navigate the labyrinthine realm of ESG and responsible choices that transcend mere compliance. #esgreporting #sebi #sustainability #brsr #sdg Read more »
BRICS South Africa 2023

Expanded BRICS can reshape the global economic order

Through unity and cooperation, the expanded BRICS can address global imbalances to shape a more equitable world. #brics #g20 #unsc #bricssummit2023 Read more »
ESG framework key to sustainable profits

ESG integration can fuel sustainable excellence

ESG integration can propel companies towards a sustainable future, fostering responsible practices across diverse industries, writes Dr Pushpendra Rai. #esgframework #sustainability #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »
Migrant workers of Kerala

Kerala Story: Migrant workers struggle for equitable healthcare access

Migrant workers encounter a formidable challenge in accessing the famed #publichealthcare system of Kerala. #keralastory #keralamodel #migrantworkers Read more »
challenge of raising climate finance

Climate finance: Investing in the trillion-dollar global opportunity

Governments, corporations, and investors have crucial roles in mobilising climate finance to combat #globalwarming. #climatefinance #climatechange #sustainability Read more »
India's rice export ban

Rice export ban: India seeks to balance global foodgrain market dynamics

Amid global supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions, India enacts a rice export ban to stabilise domestic prices. #foodsecurity #exportban #basmatirice Read more »
Sustainability vision of Indian Oil Corporation

Championing change: Indian Oil’s vision for a sustainable future

Through strategic conservation, innovation, and compassion, Indian Oil unveils a tapestry of sustainability woven with care and dedication. Read more »
India's critical minerals policy

Critical minerals: India eyes sustainable self-reliance

India's twin strategies of membership in the Mineral Security Partnership and advancement in metallurgy are laying the foundation for self-reliance in critical minerals. #sustainableenergy #mining #rareearth Read more »
sustainability and justice

Sustainability: An enabler for just economic transition

A profound dialogue on sustainability is emerging, emphasising the need to work for human survival while harnessing natural resources. #sustainability #climatechange #globalwarming #esg Read more »
trade facilitation measures can boost export growth

Trade facilitation data key to improved export performance

Pre-arrival processing, trade facilitation measures, authorised economic operator status, and a digital single window platform can boost #exportgrowth. #WTO #Unctad Read more »