India faces climate adaptation finance gap

India needs a climate adaptation finance fix

Effective adaptation finance requires strong political will, improved institutional coordination, and engaging both public and private resources. Read more »
AI boost to productivity

AI can trigger productivity growth, economic boom

While boosting productivity is crucial, AI's true potential lies in fostering innovation and sustainability. Read more »
road safety and tyre quality

Road safety: India’s tyre industry faces acid test

Despite a flourishing modern car market, India grapples with road safety issues, and tyre industry has a crucial role to play. Read more »
World Environment Day 2024

World Environment Day 2024: individuals hold power in preserving the planet

World Environment Day 2024 focuses on land restoration, highlighting the need to address desertification and drought for a sustainable future. Read more »
New infrastructure finance solutions for India

Infrastructure finance: India needs innovative solutions

India's growth ambitions need to be backed by innovative infrastructure finance plans that can bridge the investment gap. Read more »
India's new FTA model

Rethinking FTAs: The India-EFTA model links trade treaties to investment, jobs

The current FTA model will undergo an overhaul to incorporate clear benefits and consequences outlined for both sides. Read more »
kerala economy troubles

Population-based tax share allocation puts Kerala’s finances in a fix

The current tax allocation system overlooks achievements in human capital development, disincentivising states like Kerala from prioritising education and healthcare. Read more »
India eyes BIMSTEC leadership

BIMSTEC is key to India’s regional leadership ambitions

India must address infrastructure gaps, promote trade, and leverage BIMSTEC to establish itself as a leading power in South and Southeast Asia. Read more »
India wealth tax

Explained: Can a wealth tax fix India’s economic inequalities

A new study proposes a wealth tax on the rich to fund public spending on health and education, and schemes for marginalised communities. #wealthtax #tax Read more »
India R&D spending and innovation

R&D spending, innovation key to Atmanirbhar Bharat

India needs to look beyond 'jugaad' innovation and invest heavily in R&D to realise its economic ambitions. Read more »