Urbanisation in India.

Success of urbanisation hinges on development-sustainability balance

India's rapid urbanisation has brought economic prosperity, but it has also strained infrastructure, polluted the environment, and widened the wealth gap. Read more »
inequality and poverty in india

How India battled poverty, inequality post Covid-19

The #Covid19 pandemic crisis led to an increase in #inequality and #poverty, but targeted #socialsupport schemes became India's lifeline during the crisis. #multidimensionalpoverty Read more »
green finance and sustainable development

Green finance powers sustainable development in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh's commitment to green finance is bolstering the state’s environmental resilience and sustainable development. #climatechange #greenfinance #himachalpradesh Read more »
India needs gender-responsive transportation planning

Cities need gender-responsive transportation planning

The authorities must ensure gender-responsive transportation planning to #empower #women and bridge the #gendergap in India's urban spaces. #publictransport #urbanplanning #delhimetro Read more »
Ageing Indian society

Ageing population presents challenges, opportunities

India needs to strike a delicate balance while making policies for its ageing population that is reshaping the nation's present and future. #ageing #demographicdividend #IndiaAgeingReport2023 Read more »
demographic dividend through quality education

India must step up quality of education to unlock demographic dividend

India's education system needs a pivotal shift in terms of quality, funding, and accessibility to encash the demographic dividend. Read more »
online gaming regulation in india

Online gaming industry seeks inspiration from global practices

In a quest for clarity and growth, India's online gaming industry wants the government to introduce global best practices in its regulatory regime. #onlinegaming #gamingregulation #gst Read more »
India's lung health crisis

India’s lung health crisis: Causes, consequences, and solutions

India is grappling with a lung health crisis and there is an urgent need to reduce air pollution and tobacco use, writes Dr GC Khilnani. #copd #tb #covid19 #asthma Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Agriculture, construction, retail drive down unemployment: PLFS

As low rural #unemployment is the reason behind improved #jobs data, questions are being raised about the #sustainability of India's #labourmarket. #PLFS #LFPR Read more »
welfare schemes vs freebies

Govts must balance spending on welfare schemes, freebies with fiscal prudence

Balancing the demand for welfare schemes and freebies with the need for prudent fiscal management calls for a recalibration of resources and priorities by political parties, write Abhishek Seth and Swayamshree Barik. Read more »