RBI dividend

RBI @ 90: A legacy of resilience, inclusion, and innovation

The RBI's 90-year journey reflects its unwavering commitment to fostering a robust financial system that fuels India's economic ambitions. Read more »
The Chinese economy at a crossroads

Chinese economy pivots from speed to sustainability

The Chinese economy is revamping its growth model, prioritising innovation and sustainability. Read more »
unemployment, PLFS, reforms agenda

India’s official unemployment figures miss the mark

India's five-year low unemployment numbers mask low wages, informal employment, and agricultural migration, says economist. #Unemployment #jobs #PLFS #CMIE Read more »
The rupee free fall

Rupee free fall: India’s economic growth story stays complex

Despite its weakness against the dollar, India's strong fundamentals and strategic policies point towards a promising future for the rupee. Read more »

FDI slump: A temporary blip or a new normal for India?

India's FDI inflows dip, but strong fundamentals and strategic trade deals offer hope for long-term growth. #FDI #economy Read more »
food prices, inflation

Food prices sizzle: Can govt tame inflation before polls?

Amid a fall in CPI inflation, soaring food prices in India raise concerns about consumer spending and economic growth. #CPI #inflation #WPI Read more »
global supply chain, red sea attacks

Red Sea standoff cripples global trade, impacts Indian economy

Indian exports suffer as Red Sea crisis slows down global trade, deepens supply chain woes. #RedSeaattacks #economy Read more »
EFTA, bilateral trade,

Trade deal with EFTA signals India’s globalisation push

Landmark trade deal with EFTA opens doors for Swiss chocolates, Indian IT giants, and a potential $1 trillion export target. #bilateral #trade #EFTA #India #economy Read more »

In trade renegotiation with ASEAN, India eyes higher exports, lower deficit

India will seek to revamp its pact with ASEAN during the trade renegotiation, as it looks to bridge the widening trade gap and enhance market access for its exports. #ASEAN Read more »