drug and pharma industry, e-pharmacies

Regulation of e-pharmacies: India can draw from global best practices

An outright ban on e-pharmacies goes against the government’s intent to create a digital infrastructure as a driver of India’s long-term growth. #industry #ecommerce Read more »
Estonia is the most digitised nation

Digital governance: Lessons from Estonia to India, rest of the world

Data confidentiality, data availability, and data integrity – focus on these three pillars of information security helped #Estonia become the most digitised nation. Read more »
India economy, $5 trillion economy

$5 trillion economy: 5 states will contribute most to India’s ambitious target

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Karnataka will contribute more than half to $5 trillion economy dream. #India #GDP #$5trillion Read more »
RBI MPC meeting begins

RBI must focus on growth amid global turmoil

The #RBI must follow the lead of the #Fed and other central banks that have moderated rate hikes and end the #reporate hike spree for now. #globalrecession #inflation #gdpgrowth Read more »
energy imports, coal energy

Energy imports: India must tap local resources to avert crisis

India must ramp up domestic production of energy as it stares at a situation where a fifth of its GDP will go to energy imports. #energy #GDP #India #economy #cleanenergy Read more »
Fall in private investment troubles India

Focused policy key to higher private investment, faster growth

Lack of a policy roadmap for stimulating private investment may stop India from entering the virtuous cycle of investment-driven demand. #privateinvestmet #inflation #globalrecession Read more »
solar energy

Solar energy: Reforms needed as policy guidelines clash with installation targets

India has restricted developers of solar power projects from using imported modules, delaying utility scale projects for solar energy. Read more »
agritech startups to rile the world

Agritech startups key to farm productivity, market access

Agritech startups can boost farmers' incomes by providing innovative solutions to precision farming, farm management, supply chain management, and finance. Read more »
Indian economy facing global headwinds

Indian economy: RBI confident in the face of global crisis, but concerns remain

Contrary to the optimism in the RBI report for Indian economy, the eight high-frequency indicators tracked by Bloomberg point to moderating credit growth, weaker tax revenues and rising unemployment. #economy #recession Read more »
Online dispute resolution mechanism

Online dispute resolution platforms can ease case burden on courts

Online dispute resolution offers a faster, transparent, cost-effective and accessible option for companies, particularly for those locked in high-volume, low-value cases. Read more »