Coronavirus death outbreak has hit the world economy hard.

Coronavirus update: China confirms death of 6 medical workers; says 1,716 infected

At least 1,502 of the casualties are in Hubei Province, of which 1,102 were in Wuhan, the capital city that was the epicentre of the outbreak. Read more »
China's coronavirus outbreak may be contained by April.

Coronavirus update: Covid-19 death toll rises to 1,368

According to the latest date, 60,310 confirmed cases were reported across the world. There are 52,979  active cases currently of which 8,243 are in a critical stage. Read more »
Will chinstrap penguins go extinct?

Climate change: Chinstrap penguin population down 77%

The researchers who recorded the dramatic decline in chinstrap population, found a remarkable increase in the population of gentoo penguins. Read more »
Three novel coronavirus cases have been reported so far from Kerala, all three are clinically stable, the health minister said.

India braces to stop coronavirus outbreak; steps up monitoring

Air passengers are being screened at 21 airports including those at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kochi. Read more »
Green hydrogen, harit sagar

Anti-dumping measures in force against 90 Chinese products, probe on 24 more

India’s trade with China fell from $89.71 billion in 2017-18 to $87.07 billion in 2018-19, mainly due to a decline in imports from $76.38 billion to $70.32 billion. Read more »
A large number of Indian children face extreme poverty

Poverty in India down dramatically, says Oxford study

Despite the dramatic success in reducing poverty, about 8.8% of Indians are facing severe poverty. About a fifth of Indian population are vulnerable to multidimensional poverty, says the report. Read more »
Soil health card scheme has helped millions of farmers.

Soil health card scheme: 11.69 cr cards distributed in 2 years

The scheme resulted in a 10% decline in the use of chemical fertilizers and a 6% rise in the productivity of the soil. Read more »
climate change, clean energy technology transfer from the US

7592 MW renewable energy capacity added till December

Rs 36,729 crore investment has been made in renewable energy in the current financial year till December, compared with Rs 40,460 crore in 2018-19. Read more »
Economic Survey 2019-20 and Budget 2020

Budget 2020: A critical reading of Economic Survey

The Economic Survey 2019-20 identifies what is wrong with the Indian economy without explanations and answers. Read more »
India's finance ministry to encourage bankers to take bold lending decisions.

Modi govt takes steps to reassure PSU banks to take bold lending decisions

PSU banks have been asked to set up panel of senior officers to oversee the progress of disciplinary and internal vigilance cases to avoid harassment. Read more »