g20, protectionism, multilateralism

India’s G20 presidency must address rising protectionism

The economic crisis triggered by the pandemic and Ukraine-Russia war has led to the rise of protectionism that is negating the gains of #globalisation in the last few decades. #G20 #multilateralism Read more »
Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill needs tweaking to eliminate foul play potential

The lack of clarity on what constitutes national security could make the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill vulnerable to misuse by the government. #DigitalPersonalDataProtectionBill #surveillance Read more »
capex, capital expenditure,

Capital expenditure: Govt must get states, private sector on board

The states’ ability to boost capital expenditure has suffered, while the private sector is witnessing a fall in capital formation and investment. #economy #infrastructure #india #growth #5trillioneconomy #capex Read more »
inflation, economy

Sticky inflation may force RBI into another repo rate hike

While another #repo #rate hike seems a certainty, the #RBI may also take steps to address structural issues that fuel #inflation. #economy Read more »
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G20 Presidency: No headway in resolving deepening debt crisis

It will be a great achievement for #India’s #G20 presidency if it manages to resolve the #debt crisis which is troubling several member nations. #economy Read more »
Ukraine war and global economy

Global economy resilient in the face of Russia-Ukraine conflict

The global economy is still in the shadow of a #recession with total economic losses due to the #Russia-#Ukraine conflict touching $1 trillion. #Economy #war Read more »
agriculture, budget 2023

Budget 2023: Missed opportunities in agriculture

Budget 2023 has cut allocations to the government’s flagship schemes and put the much-needed reforms in #agriculture sector on the back-burner. #Budget2023 Read more »
Indian aviation, air India

Air India’s record purchase marks a turning point for aviation industry

The fact that Air India was able to place such a large aircraft purchase order is a testament to how its divestment reset the #aviation industry in India. #AirIndia Read more »
Trade deficit

Fall in trade deficit transitory; India needs calibrated policy

The trade deficit trends reflect the slowing #economic #growth momentum in the global and domestic #economies. #economy #tradedeficit Read more »
Sea-level rise, climate change, global warming

Sea-level rise threatens some of the largest global cities

Cities such as Mumbai, Dhaka, Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai, Cairo, London, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Santiago will suffer the impact of sea-level rise. #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »