FPO policy

New FPO policy seeks to transform farming with Amul model

The draft FPO policy looks to empower farmers by establishing an ecosystem of financial support, market access, and management. Read more »
Insurance tax

Tax breaks key to affordable insurance policies in India

Tax cuts on insurance premiums will empower citizens and lessen the social security burden on the government. #insurance #incometax #gst Read more »
global economy

India-UK FTA poised for take-off, but concerns linger

The Labour Party's ascent to power necessitates adjustments to the India-UK FTA, but both sides remain committed to the deal. Read more »
India's women-led rural enterprises need support.

Women-led rural enterprises key to fighting poverty, must get priority sector status

Support to women-led rural enterprises will have a ripple effect, enhancing social mobility, reducing poverty, and fostering innovation. Read more »

Faster forex, fewer forms: RBI to revamp export-import regulations

The RBI is proposing easier foreign exchange regulations to make it easier for businesses to import and export goods and services. #forex #RBI Read more »

Green hydrogen: Big vs small debate heats up amid de-carbonisation race

The booming green hydrogen industry needs both large-scale and modular solutions to meet demand. #greenhydrogen #environment Read more »
medical tourism

Medical tourism: Millions seek affordable healthcare in India

Beyond affordability, India's medical tourism sector offers shorter wait times, advanced treatments, and cultural immersion. #medicaltourism #industry #ayurveda Read more »
plastic pollution

Plastic pollution: How the throw-away culture snowballed into a crisis

The war on plastic pollution is a fight against the deeply ingrained throw-away culture that has dominated our lives for decades. #plastic #pollution Read more »
mineral mining

Will direct licensing unlock India’s mineral wealth?

The new scheme seeks to revitalise the mining sector by granting direct licences for major minerals. #mining #minerals #policy Read more »
Reforms agenda, Modi 3.0, economic reforms

Modi 3.0: Welfare measures in focus after election setback

The Narendra Modi government's upcoming budget is expected to prioritise public welfare initiatives,and reflect long-term economic policies. #policy #Modi3.0 #economy #economicreforms Read more »