May Day 2023

May Day 2023: The unfinished agenda of labour protection

May Day 2023 reminds the world about the need for systemic change to address social and political challenges. Read more »
budget 2023 north east india

Budget 2023: Focus on infrastructure in northeastern region

Budget 2023 is expected to focus on Infrastructure projects in the northeast to boost connectivity in the form of airports and railways links. Read more »
Durga Puja artisans

Invisible workers: Durga Puja artisans face socio-economic deprivation

UNESCO tag reconfirms the rich cultural heritage of the festival, but Durga Puja artisans who create the grand spectacle face dismal economic, employment conditions. Read more »
labour shortage, migrant

Falling labour share highlights high income inequality in India

Between 1993 and 2012, Indian GDP grew at an annual average rate of 7%, but the top 1% earners walked away with about 30% of national income, leading to higher income inequality. Read more »
sex work legalised by supreme court

Explainer: Supreme Court ruling recognises sex work as a legal profession

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that sex workers were entitled to dignity and equal protection under the law, saying they shouldn't be harassed or penalised by the police. Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Labour Day 2022: Workers’ participation in management remains a distant dream

On Labour Day 2022, it would be interesting to revisit the role of workers’ participation in management amid the fragmentation, segmentation and dislocation of the workforce. Read more »
digital public goods

Work from home to work from anywhere: How Covid-19 revolutionised workplace

Most organisations will continue to offer work from home facility. In a hybrid model, work from anywhere would be a regular feature. Read more »
India's labour codes and labour reforms

Missing facts: Labour reforms debate in the context of India’s 4 labour codes

The discussions on labour reforms in India veer around the subject of labour market flexibility in relation with the Industrial Dispute Act 1947 and the four labour codes that await implementation. Read more »
Informalisation in labour market

Labour market: Concerns over informalisation of workforce

India needs to address the anomalies in the labour market as large-scale informalisation of workforce results in vulnerability and decent work deficit. Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Budget 2022: Wrong prescription for unemployment, demand slump

While continuing with supply side incentives, Budget 2022 does pretty little to address the issues of low aggregate demand and unemployment. Read more »