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Regulated private hospitals, quality public sector can cut out-of-pocket healthcare spending

Years of neglect of public health system, profiteering by private hospitals saw an increase in out-of-pocket healthcare spending that may destroy the fledgling Indian middle class. Read more »
public health budget 2023

Fighting heavy odds: Corporate influence over policy weighs on India’s public health system

The roadmap provided by the NITI Aayog favours privatisation of healthcare, but the Covid-19 pandemic highlights the need for a robust public health system. Read more »
India aims at Security Council permanent membership

Security Council: India needs to strengthen democratic credentials to claim leadership

UN Security Council is more about peace and security, but when it comes to global leadership, democratic credentials and human rights record will come into play. Read more »
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Covid-19: Double health budget, strengthen public health system

Insurance schemes won’t help the poor; India needs a robust public health system that offers free diagnostics and medicines. Read more »

Security Council presidency an opportunity to showcase India’s leadership credentials

India should use its two-year stint at UN Security Council to address issues such as terrorism, food security, climate change, global health and use of UN sanctions. Read more »
World Diabetes Day 2021

India needs to go faster on Covid-19 vaccination

India must strive for 10 million Covid-19 vaccinations per day to cover its 1.4 billion population in four months. Read more »
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Covid-19 fiasco: Why it is unfair to blame private hospitals

The poor gets government care and the rich can afford private hospitals; the vulnerable section is the uninsured 36 crore white-collar employees or self-employed people. Read more »
debate on kerala's public debt

Different strokes: Should Kerala worry about rising public debt

The criticism of Kerala government’s high public debt and its plan to borrow heavily to fund development projects is based on wrong assumptions. Read more »
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Post-Covid recovery: RBI monetary policy must address capital depletion in MSMEs

The RBI monetary policy should keep interest rate, future guidance on monetary policy unchanged and ensure smooth credit flow to MSMEs. Read more »
India's UN Security Council presidency

UN Security Council: Demography, democracy in India’s favour

India should keep issues like Covid-19 and environment out of the UN Security Council; its global engagement should focus on achievable targets. Read more »