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Magic of 3Cs: A business restructuring mantra for corporates ravaged by Covid-19

Troubled corporates can come out stronger from business restructuring if they handle the tough times with sincerity, tenacity, and commitment. Read more »
alcohol revenues of indian states

Alcohol revenues of Indian states raise ethical questions

State governments should distance themselves from alcohol revenues and find other avenues to fund their activities. Read more »
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Indian economy yet to emerge from Covid impact, time to leverage exports growth

When adjusted for seasonality, Indian economy contracted 12.4% in the April-June on a quarter-on-quarter basis, compared with 1.5% growth in the January-March quarter. Read more »
skilling of youth key to prosperity

Post-Covid world: Agility, adaptability key to success of individuals, businesses

The post-Covid world belongs to individuals and industries that possess AVATAR talent – Always Versatile, Adaptable, Transformative, Agile and Resilient. Read more »
US covid deaths

HR crisis: Medical education should be tailormade for reality

There is a mismatch between where the investment in medical education is going and where there is a shortage of medical professionals. Read more »
India's public health system failed during pandemic

Covid-19 lessons: Public health system must offer free drugs, diagnostics

Political commitment to public health system which is key to delivering universal health coverage is missing at the moment. Read more »
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Post-Covid world of work: How smart organisations future-proof themselves

Post-Covid world of work: When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, only 54% of the organisations across the world were ready to work from home. Read more »
climate change and sustainable development

ESG reporting: Climate change, state emergency and stakeholder pursuit

The top climate change risks are converging, making environmental stewardship pivotal to planet sustainability, and global ESG action becoming the bulwark against massive direct impact. Read more »
India's labour codes and labour reforms

India at 75: A vision for equal access to credit for MSMEs

India cannot restore its lost glory without booming MSMEs, and must provide 75-100% credit guarantee to small businesses struggling without access to credit. Read more »
e-procurement of government purchases

e-procurement can achieve transparency, efficiency in government purchases

The e-procurement systems offer lower cost, transparent spending, faster transactions, standardised buying, and reduced errors. Read more »