RBI monetary policy review

BRSR: Indian corporates’ ticket to global leadership

BRSR offers a win-win scenario where businesses, investors, regulators, consumers and the nation benefit from disclosure of non-financial performance by companies. Read more »
use of steel industry co-products

Steel industry must focus on efficient use of co-products

Policy makers and the steel industry should focus on effective utilisation of co-products to ease pressure on land, water and environment. Read more »
Four years of GST

GST@4: Centre must simplify regime, win back states’ trust

While the first 37 meetings of the GST Council did not require voting, there have been instances of majority driven decision-making recently which could jeopardise the functioning of the GST regime. Read more »
Covid-19 and public health system

Covid-19 lessons: India needs cooperative federalism of the flexible kind

Extreme centralisation or total decentralisation may not help contain the Covid-19 pandemic, but flexible Centre-state relations may. Read more »
High suicide rates in developed states

Why suicide rates are higher in India’s developed states

Consumerism and influence of social media in richer states result in high aspirations and low social interaction, affecting people emotionally and mentally, leading to high suicide rates. Read more »
Indian MSMEs struggle

MSME 2.0: A policy prescription for inclusive economic growth

A boost to MSME sector can come from handholding, advisory services and persistent engagement with fintech partners to provide access to credit and lift quality with clear identification of the manufacturing sectors. Read more »
retirement planning by indians

Retirement planning: Indians, Americans stare at uncertain future

A large number of people in both India and the US don’t pay much attention to retirement planning which leads to compromising on their comfort in the last stage of life. Read more »
Unprecedented exports growth in India

India’s stellar exports growth will spur economic growth, attract foreign investment

Biggest contributors to exports growth are labour-intensive sectors such as engineering goods, rice and marine products. Read more »
India needs a robust public health system

Towards a robust public health system based on universal healthcare

India's public health system needs to progress to universal healthcare. Read more »
new tamil nadu government budget

Can Tamil Nadu government create a South Indian Miracle?

The decision by Tamil Nadu government to draft in Esther Duflo, Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, and Jean Dreze as advisors to the chief minister is a step in the right direction. Read more »