Modi government's south Asia policy failures

Foreign policy: Troubled backyard is Modi government’s Achilles heel

The Narendra Modi government has some significant diplomatic victories to showcase, but it seems to have failed to make an impact in the immediate neighbourhood. Read more »

Can IMEC counter China’s belt and road initiative

The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, #IMEC, promises to boost economic growth, and reduce carbon emissions, but its success hinges on aligned interests. #bri #beltandroadinitiative Read more »
Fall in private investment troubles India

Focused policy key to higher private investment, faster growth

Lack of a policy roadmap for stimulating private investment may stop India from entering the virtuous cycle of investment-driven demand. #privateinvestmet #inflation #globalrecession Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

Inflation vs growth: RBI set to end to monetary easing cycle

Sticky inflation will force the RBI put an end to monetary easing cycle despite concerns over economic growth. Read more »
link between inflation and fuel pricing

Courting trouble: Inflation and politics of fuel pricing

Cuts in excise duties can contain inflation to a certain extent, giving the Reserve Bank of India some headroom to support growth in the monetary policy review next week. Read more »
Budget 2021 to be presented by Nirmala Sitharaman

Budget 2021 will be a tight-rope walk for Modi government, Indian economy

Budget 2021 will be a tough balancing act for the government as it strives to meet conflicting ends of fiscal discipline and stimulus for economic revival. Read more »
Budget 2021 agriculture

Do Q2 GDP growth numbers point to a smooth recovery?

Persisting inflationary pressure both from food and core prices poses further downside risk for the post Covid-19 economy. Read more »
economic recovery by indian states

Covid-19: Digital preparedness, strong local government key to economic recovery

Demography, health infrastructure, job creation, digital preparedness and local self-governments will determine the pace of recovery by states. Read more »
Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson

Economics Nobel to auction theory an acknowledgement for bridging theory and practice

The contributions of Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson have helped evolve professional and transparent approaches for price discovery and efficient allocation. Read more »
IndiaN economy, $5 trillion economy

Why RBI cannot ignore the food price dynamics while fixing rates

Tweaking of weights in inflation indices makes sense, given the policy objectives of RBI policy – price stability and economic growth. Read more »