European recession

German economy wages a losing war on inflation amid recession fears

A disruption in global trade and deficient rainfall weaken the German economy’s war on inflation and an imminent recession. Read more »
banks, NPA, India banking system

RBI paper busts the myth of inefficient PSU bank

PSU banks key to financial inclusion, more efficient than private counterparts in financial services delivery, says RBI paper. Read more »
BMW announces hydrogen fuel cell cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars: BMW takes a leap of faith

German giant BMW has committed to make millions of hydrogen fuel cell cars every year under its deal with Japan's Toyota. Read more »
china, zero covid policy, chinese economy in big trouble

Explained: Can Chinese economy weather the current crisis

With its huge domestic market and manufacturing prowess, the Chinese economy can avert a Japan-style stagnation. Read more »
threat of climate endgame

Climate endgame: Governments must prepare for worst-case scenarios

While there is little chance of a climate endgame involving human extinction or global societal collapse, facing the future without an understanding of the worst-case scenarios would be foolish. Read more »
indian economy, debt of state governments

Confusion prevails over the state of Indian economy

Confusing macroeconomic signals emanating from Indian economy continue to trouble policy makers. Read more »
The Inflation Reduction Act 2022

Explained: America’s Inflation Reduction Act 2022 is more about environment

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022 may not have an immediate impact on surging prices, but its focus on clean energy will have a long-term influence on inflation. Read more »
rbi norms for digital lending

RBI digital lending norms silent on lending scamsters

The digital lending guidelines announced by RBI will protect borrowers by ending malpractices prevalent in the digital lending ecosystem. Read more »
Climate change and pathogenic diseases

Brewing trouble: Climate change can aggravate threat of pathogenic diseases

The threat of more than half of pathogenic diseases such as malaria, dengue, and pneumonia can be worsened by climate change, shows study. Read more »
draft telecom bill

India makes strides in financial inclusion, but issues remain

RBI’s Financial Inclusion Index has risen to 56.4 in March 2022. This is a significant increase from 53.9 in March 2021 and is reflective of growth across all sectors, the report said. Read more »