safe drinking water supply

Sustainable water management ideas for post-Covid India

Water suppliers need to collect charges to fund maintenance of the system and for capacity expansion. Targeted subsidies can be provided to the weaker sections. Read more »
climate change, global warming threat

Human life as we know is threatened: JP Morgan report

Climate change could result in water crises, famine, displacement and migration, and could spark off political stress, conflict. Read more »
water crisis: rejuvenating india's ponds

The answer to India’s water woes lies in rejuvenation of village ponds

Revival of the country's 5,55,557 small water bodies can help achieve water security, climate resilience. Read more »

Panel set up to revise water policy, to hold consultations

The revision was envisaged by the departments of water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation and the ministry of Jal Shakti. Read more »