the global sustainability challemge

Nations race towards sustainability in an unequal world

Developed nations lead in framing environmental regulations, but developing countries struggle with limited resources to achieve sustainability. Read more »
India's textile industry facing heat in EU

India’s textile industry braces for EU’s aggressive sustainability push

The EU's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive raises the bar for India's textile industry, impacting its global competitiveness. Read more »
FAME II, EVs, India, sustainability, EMPS

Govt must extend the FAME II scheme lifeline to accelerate EV adoption

India must revamp EV strategy with FAME II extension, but charging woes and workforce shortage threaten to stall progress. #FAME #EVs Read more »
sustainability in Indian companies

Sustainability in Indian companies: A struggle to meet targets

Sustainability in Indian companies: India Inc. needs to invest heavily in renewable energy, green jobs training, and energy efficiency to achieve its sustainability targets. #sustainability #renewableenrgy #climatechange Read more »
sustainability of cities

Water, energy, green buildings key to sustainability of cities

As humans continue to build new urban landscapes, they should do so with a firm commitment to #sustainability, shaping the future of the cities and the civilization. #sustainablecities #smartcities #greenbuildings #climatechange Read more »
India's sustainability champions

India’s sustainability champions are redefining responsible business

Amid global concerns over #climatechange and environmental degradation, a new breed of Indian businesses is emerging as torchbearers of #sustainability, setting ambitious goals and redefining #corporateresponsibility. #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
ESG reporting

ESG: Ethical commitment and sustainability in the emerging economic order

Businesses will have to navigate the labyrinthine realm of ESG and responsible choices that transcend mere compliance. #esgreporting #sebi #sustainability #brsr #sdg Read more »
Sustainability vision of Indian Oil Corporation

Championing change: Indian Oil’s vision for a sustainable future

Through strategic conservation, innovation, and compassion, Indian Oil unveils a tapestry of sustainability woven with care and dedication. Read more »
sustainability and justice

Sustainability: An enabler for just economic transition

A profound dialogue on sustainability is emerging, emphasising the need to work for human survival while harnessing natural resources. #sustainability #climatechange #globalwarming #esg Read more »
green hydrogen market hots up

Green hydrogen: Breakthroughs in clean energy innovation

The convergence of technology and ambition fuel the green hydrogen revolution, illuminating a pathway from renewable sources to a cleaner, greener tomorrow. #sustainableenergy #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »