ESG reporting

ESG: Ethical commitment and sustainability in the emerging economic order

Businesses will have to navigate the labyrinthine realm of ESG and responsible choices that transcend mere compliance. #esgreporting #sebi #sustainability #brsr #sdg Read more »
Sustainability vision of Indian Oil Corporation

Championing change: Indian Oil’s vision for a sustainable future

Through strategic conservation, innovation, and compassion, Indian Oil unveils a tapestry of sustainability woven with care and dedication. Read more »
sustainability and justice

Sustainability: An enabler for just economic transition

A profound dialogue on sustainability is emerging, emphasising the need to work for human survival while harnessing natural resources. #sustainability #climatechange #globalwarming #esg Read more »
towards a green hydrogen future

Green hydrogen: Breakthroughs in clean energy innovation

The convergence of technology and ambition fuel the green hydrogen revolution, illuminating a pathway from renewable sources to a cleaner, greener tomorrow. #sustainableenergy #climatechange #globalwarming Read more »
sustainability and intergenerational equity

India must invoke ancient wisdom for sustainability

India needs to rethink #sustainability beyond a few decades and must travel back a few thousands of years to unveil the #intergenerationalequity inherent to our ancient wisdom. #climatechange #g20 Read more »
India's sustainability quest

India’s sustainability quest: From desirable goals towards achievable ones

India achieving its sustainability goals will hinge on its ability to balance economic growth needs with environmental imperatives, writes Aruna Sharma. #climatechange #globalwarming #SDGs Read more »
sustainability and climate crisis

Sustainability: Need a blueprint for gauging corporate commitment

There is a need for yardsticks of authenticity while evolving strategies that discern genuine commitment to #sustainability in the corporate world. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero #esg Read more »
India Sustainability Summit 2023

India’s sustainability quest: From desirable goals to possible ones

Achieving India's sustainability goals will depend on the ability to balance economic growth with environmental imperatives. #climatechange #globalwarming #netzero Read more »
India Sustainability Summit 2023

Sustainability push needs public awareness, informed policy responses

Sustainability is not just the responsibility of one sector or group, but a collective effort involving multiple stakeholders, says Amarendu Prakash, Chairman, SAIL. #climatechange #sustainableenergy #climatechange Read more »
India Sustainability Summit 2023

India Sustainability Summit 2023: A forum for exchange of ideas, forging alliances

The India #Sustainability Summit 2023 stands as a crucial platform for stakeholders to converge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on immediate actions needed to develop a sustainable ecosystem. #climatechange #globalwarming #greenbonds Read more »