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Road safety: India’s tyre industry faces acid test

Despite a flourishing modern car market, India grapples with road safety issues, and tyre industry has a crucial role to play. Read more »
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Road safety crisis: Infrastructure boom to public health emergency

Investment in infrastructure is not enough; India needs a data-driven approach to road safety. Read more »
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From Thar to triumph: Rajasthan’s quest for road safety leadership

A state troubled by accidents paves the way for change as Rajasthan seeks to become a national model for safer roads. #Rajasthan #roadsafety Read more »
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Rajasthan’s road safety crisis: A wake-up call to save lives on highways

Rajasthan's road accident crisis demands a comprehensive approach, with a focus on stricter enforcement, better road infrastructure, sustainable mobility, and road safety. Read more »
Kerala's AI camera project has been launched

Road safety: Kerala’s AI camera project shows promising results

Kerala's AI camera project launched to improve #roadsafety and reduce #trafficaccident deaths has led to a significant fall in fatalities, writes @George Cheriyan. #aicameraproject #keralagovernment Read more »
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Government must add road safety element to infrastructure push

Budget 2023 has an unwavering focus on infrastructure development, but it lacks a vision for road safety. Read more »