RBI, monetary policy committee meeting

RBI poised to hold rates despite easing inflation, fiscal prudence

As the RBI performs a delicate economic balancing act, expect a cautious monetary policy stance despite positive growth indicators. #RBI #economy #MPC Read more »
cartels, leniency plus

RBI gives green light to SROs in banking, shadow banking

Industry veterans at the helm of SROs are expected to navigate India's financial market complexities and ensure swifter regulation and best practices sharing. #SROs #banking #RBI Read more »
rural India, Budget 2025

Indian economy: Bridging rural-urban divide key to balancing growth, prices

As Indian economy inches closer to $5 trillion, uneven #gdpgrowth across urban and rural sectors casts its shadow, necessitating #inclusive policies to bridge the divide. #inflation #sustainability Read more »
RBI, monetary policy committee meeting

RBI opts for continuity in monetary policy amid uncertainty

#RBI monetary policy has kept the #reporate unchanged at 6.5%, prioritising both #economicgrowth and #inflation control amid a complex global environment. Read more »
quality education and demographic dividend

Monetary policy: India needs tailored steps to unlock its growth potential

India's #GDPgrowth rate ranks among the world's highest, but it remains below its long-term growth potential, raising concerns about the country's ability to tap its #demographicdividend. #forexreserves #rbipolicy Read more »
wilful defaulters

Wilful defaulters: RBI tightens screws on corporate offenders

As #RBI tightens norms to punish #wilful defaulters, market regulator #Sebi is shifting from a penalty-based system to an incentive-based one. #corporateloans #interestrates #commercialbanks Read more »
The 16th Finance Commission needs to address the complaints from the southern states

Credit Crunch: NBFCs face sharp decline in loan sanctions

In the face of a dramatic decline in loan sanctions, NBFCs are knocking the doors of the RBI for permission to take deposits. #NBFCs #shadowbanks #RBI Read more »
food prices

Volatile global prices, climate change threaten another round of food price shocks

As the spectre of a food price shock looms, the RBI prioritises vigilance and stability in its monetary policy approach. Read more »
RBI MPC meeting

Balancing act: RBI navigates global challenges with confidence

The RBI monetary policy committee stands firm on the #reporate against the backdrop of a global crisis, bolstering India's economic resilience. #interestrate #inflation #mpc Read more »
RBI monetary policy statement

RBI committee faces tough call on repo rate as global growth slows

The Reserve Bank of India may keep the repo rate unchanged to support the growth of Indian economy and reduce uncertainty for investors. #interestrate #inflation #monetarypolicy Read more »