Growing income inequality in India

India needs bold reforms to tackle inequality worse than colonial era

The rise of billionaires in India exemplifies the growing income inequality and wealth gap with the rich amassing fortunes while the majority struggles. Read more »
HCES data available after a decade

HCES data for 2022-23 trigger debate on poverty, inequality

The HCES data suggest decline in poverty and inequality, but concerns over methodology and inflation adjustment remain. Read more »
inequality and poverty in india

How India battled poverty, inequality post Covid-19

The #Covid19 pandemic crisis led to an increase in #inequality and #poverty, but targeted #socialsupport schemes became India's lifeline during the crisis. #multidimensionalpoverty Read more »
Income inequality and multidimensional poverty in India

The nations within: Inequality poses a big challenge for India

India’s poorest states need to revamp their development strategies to bridge the widening inequality with the developed states in the southern and western regions. Read more »
Income and wealth inequality in India

Widening inequality: Societies need to address economic, ethical dimensions

Disparities of income generation between the richest 1% and the rest have implications in terms of perpetuation of wealth and income inequality. Read more »
using data to combat Covid-19

Four lessons from Covid-19 for fight against climate crisis

The coronavirus outbreak will result in a deeper understanding of the ties that bind humanity, and help the world in its fight against climate change. Read more »