Attack on the idea of India: A Decade of Social, Political and Economic Strife

How economic burden has shifted to India’s poor

An excerpt from the book 'Attack on the idea of India: A Decade of Social, Political and Economic Strife' by Prasanna Mohanty. Read more »

Lessons from Amul’s success for India’s cooperative sector

Amul's farmer-owned cooperative model, with its Rs 72,000 crore success story, can be the key to unlocking India's true cooperative potential. #Amul #cooperative Read more »
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Global semiconductor market: India makes a bold play for a toehold

India's late entry into the semiconductor game is fueled by ambition, strategic partnerships, and a focus on domestic talent. #semiconductor Read more »
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India opens skies for satellite broadband revolution

Rural India gets ready for high-speed internet as the government unlocks satellite broadband to bridge the digital divide. #satellite #internet #Starlink #ElonMusk Read more »
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Opportunities and challenges as India becomes the most populous country

The Union and state governments in India need to invest heavily in education and healthcare to enjoy the benefits of demographic dividend. Read more »
Digital India Act

Government panels for social media regulation is a regressive move

While Facebook and Twitter were in favour of a joint panel for social media regulation as suggested by the government, Google’s opposition to external scrutiny thwarted the move. Read more »

G20 presidency: India must focus on climate action, malnutrition

India must leverage the G20 presidency to nudge other nations to take action to ensure international financial stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development. Read more »
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RCEP fiasco: Can India learn from the Chinese model?

India can learn a lesson from its northern neighbour that went on liberalising trade and investment 40 years ago. Read more »
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Moody’s cuts India rating; no reason to worry, says Modi government

If the GDP growth fails to pick up, the Modi government will find it difficult to narrow its budget deficit. Read more »