EU signals global minimum tax rollout

Global minimum tax: EU signal may prompt a flurry of action by others

The global minimum tax will replace the existing tax system created to deal with businesses that have some physical presence in a jurisdiction. Read more »
global minimum tax impact on india

Global minimum tax: No clarity on revenue impact

The 15% global minimum tax may see India losing some revenue since a large number of technology companies would not be taxable in the country. Read more »
towards a global minimum tax rate

The global minimum tax: A great beginning despite inbuilt biases

The global minimum tax will affect less than 10,000 large companies, but the 15% tax could raise an additional $150 billion for national governments. Read more »
All corporate decisions linked to ESG targets

Tax, investment and salaries in an ESG focused world

The driving forces in the new world will be inclusion, equity, diversity and comprehensive availability. All corporate decisions will be linked to ESG outcomes. Read more »
cybersecurity is paramount

Will global minimum tax disrupt India’s tax regime?

Global minimum tax is a commendable step towards international tax reforms, but its success depends on whether countries like India would agree to revoke their digital levies. Read more »
The global minimum tax will make multinational corporations pay tax

Global minimum tax explained: Abuse of tax havens to end, big tech to come under tax net

The proposed global minimum tax will make multinational corporations pay a minimum 15% tax on their profits, ending misuse of double tax avoidance treaties. Read more »