Common services centres and e-governance

Universal healthcare: Government schemes must ensure equal access to women

Gender disparities persist even in universal healthcare programmes with women facing unique challenges in accessing care. #ayushmanbharat #pmjay #bsby Read more »
Universal pension and health coverage

Unified health interface key to accessible health services

The proposed unified health interface will improve delivery of health services by ensuring interoperability of information across various applications used by patients and service providers. Read more »
india public health system

Covid-19: Double health budget, strengthen public health system

Insurance schemes won’t help the poor; India needs a robust public health system that offers free diagnostics and medicines. Read more »
covid-19 lapses highlighted the need for HEMS

Covid-19 lessons: India must add HEMS to healthcare infrastructure

Covid-19 pandemic saw people struggling to access healthcare services in time, highlighting the need for a robust Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, or HEMS. Read more »
Informalisation in labour market

A wish list for casual workers amid heat wave conditions

The government must expand the scope of Ayushman Bharat scheme to add provision for treating workers falling ill due to heat wave. Read more »
India needs to boost healthcare Budget

Budget 2020: Some right steps on healthcare, but still a long way to go

India spends just 1% of the GDP on health, the challenge is to bring it closer to double digits. Read more »