Solutions to Delhi's air pollution crisis

Delhi’s air pollution crisis begs for lasting solutions

Collaborative efforts and innovative strategies key to a permanent solution to Delhi's air pollution crisis. Read more »
Delhi's air pollution crisis is causing residents to fell for cleaner places,

Delhi’s air pollution is extracting a huge socioeconomic cost

From healthcare burden to lost productivity, Delhi's air pollution crisis has a profound impact on the city's economy and its future as a liveable space. Read more »
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USEPA’s tougher PM2.5 limits ignite debate on impact, equity

The US watchdog prioritises evidence-based policy on PM2.5 limits to protect citizens from air pollution. Read more »
World Lung Day 2023, lung health

From Delhi’s haze to global crisis: Why lung health matters more than ever

There is a need to focus on lung health as tuberculosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have become leading causes of mortality globally. #lunghealth #society Read more »
Dementia linked to air pollution

Choking minds: Air pollution linked to dementia, stroke

New research from the UK reveals a chilling connection between air pollution and your brain's health. Read more »
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Air pollution in Delhi calls for innovative solutions

Air pollution in Delhi is the result of #environmentaldegradation, caused by complex cultural practices, agricultural activities, and #urbanemissions. #aqi #stubbleburning Read more »
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Air pollution in Mumbai: Construction activity and vehicular emissions to blame

India's air pollution is a major public health concern, costing the country billions of dollars annually and leading to reduced productivity. #airpollution #Mumbai #Delhi #airquality Read more »
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Stubble burning: Lessons abound, but awareness, will to act absent

Farmers who engage in stubble burning have become the fall guys in the blame game, but Delhi air quality cannot improve without solving issues such as vehicular pollution and garbage dumps. Read more »
India's lung health crisis

Air pollution raises Covid-19 risk among young adults: Study

The findings by scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm that link infection risk of Covid-19 and exposure to common pollutants should worry policymakers in India. Read more »
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Nasa research quantifies fall in air pollution due to Covid-19 pandemic

The study used computer models to establish that the nitrogen dioxide concentrations since February were lower by around 20%. Read more »