Coronavirus update: Death toll rises to 2,004; Infections mount to 74,185

Coronavirus death outbreak has hit the world economy hard.
A 70-year-old person died in Hong Kong due to new coronavirus infection at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The death toll from new coronavirus infection has reached 2,004 on Tuesday with 136 more deaths reported from China. The country’s health authorities on Tuesday confirmed 132 fatalities from Hubei, the epicentre of the outbreak. They said 1,749 new Covid-19 infections were reported from across the country — most in Hubei — taking the total to 74,185. Chinese media had reported that more than 3,000 healthcare workers may have contracted the deadly virus.

Hong Kong reports another death

A 70-year-old person died in Hong Kong due to new coronavirus infection at the Princess Margaret Hospital. The hospital spokeswoman said more information will be provided at a press conference later. This is the second death in Hong Kong and the sixth outside mainland China.

15 new cases reported in South Korea

South Korean authorities said 15 new cases of new coronavirus have been confirmed in the country, taking the total number of patients to 46. Most of these cases are in Daegu city and in Gyengbuk province. Of the 15 new patients, 11 are linked to already reported infections.

Number of Covid-19 infection in Singapore rises to 81

The health ministry of Singapore said 81 people have been infected in the island nation, of which 29 have been discharged after testing negative to the new coronavirus. Singapore has the highest number of Covid-19 infections outside mainland China. The Singapore government has announced a $4 billion package to help the economy tide over the crisis caused by the outbreak.

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China develops possible cure for virus

State-owned drugs firm Sinopharm Group is in the process of producing chloroquine phosphate, an antimalarial drug with some curative effect on Covid-19, Chinese media outlet CGTN quoted officials at a press conference on Tuesday. They said the company is developing a vaccine in Beijing and Wuhan.

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Wuhan hospital director dies

The director of a Wuhan hospital died of coronavirus infection on Tuesday, national broadcaster CCTV said. The report quoted medical workers that Liu Zhiming, the director of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, succumbed to the virus at 10.30 am. Doctor Li Wenliang, who alerted the local authorities about a possible outbreak, had died two weeks ago.

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454 on board Diamond Princess test positive

At least 454 people on board Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for new coronavirus. The luxury liner had 1,723 passengers and crew on board when the infection broke out. The number includes 189 asymptomatic carriers who did not have any symptom, Japan’s health ministry said. The ship had been put under quarantine after a guard tested positive on February 3 for the virus six days after leaving the ship.

Japan testing HIV treatment for coronavirus

Japan plans to start clinical trials using HIV treatment for the coronavirus infection, a top government official said. Japan has more than 500 coronavirus infections, 450 of them from the cruise ship Diamond Princess now docked in Yokohama. The official could not confirm how long the authorities will take to approve the new medicine.

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Chinese public sector resumes work

Around 80% of China’s state-owned manufacturing companies have reopened on Monday after a brief closure due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Assets Supervision and Administration Commission puts the number of reopened units at 20,000. The commission says almost all companies in petrochemicals, telecommunications, power and transportation have resumed operations, while 80% firms in mining, steel and manufacturing have reopened.