towards a binding plastic treaty

Plastic pollution: Ottawa conclave eyes landmark global treaty

A well-designed plastic pollution treaty can incentivise sustainable materials, mitigate economic risks, and hold corporations accountable for their actions. Read more »
the global sustainability challemge

Nations race towards sustainability in an unequal world

Developed nations lead in framing environmental regulations, but developing countries struggle with limited resources to achieve sustainability. Read more »
green hydrogen market hots up

Green hydrogen can unlock India’s sustainable energy future

Green hydrogen has emerged as a game-changer for decarbonisation, with nations vying for leadership in the clean fuel market. Read more »
Bengaluru water crisis

Garden City to urban hell: Bengaluru battles cholera surge amid water crisis

A prolonged water crisis and inadequate sanitation threaten public health in Bengaluru, echoing a global water security challenge. Read more »
industry vs environment

Green vs growth: India cannot afford an environmental gridlock

Balancing industry and environmental concerns is critical for India, with recent developments highlighting the potential pathways for a sustainable future. #industryVSenvironment Read more »
Solutions to Delhi's air pollution crisis

Delhi’s air pollution crisis begs for lasting solutions

Collaborative efforts and innovative strategies key to a permanent solution to Delhi's air pollution crisis. Read more »
ESG investing concerns

Profits vs planet: ESG investing and the need for systemic change

ESG investing does not always mean sustainability - there is a need to distinguish between greenwashing or genuine impact. Read more »
Delhi's air pollution crisis is causing residents to fell for cleaner places,

Delhi’s air pollution is extracting a huge socioeconomic cost

From healthcare burden to lost productivity, Delhi's air pollution crisis has a profound impact on the city's economy and its future as a liveable space. Read more »
climate change mitigation efforts needed

WMO report warns of climate change tipping point

Record temperatures, vanishing ice, and surging emissions paint a grim picture of climate change, urging a seismic shift towards clean energy. Read more »

Climate change: Developing world faces unequal burden of economic costs

A new study forecasts trillions in economic losses by 2060 due to climate change, with developing countries facing the brunt of the impact. Read more »