The Climate-Changed Child, a UNICEF report

The Climate-Changed Child: UNICEF report a stark reminder of the looming crisis

#climatechange is a child rights crisis, and the world must protect the most vulnerable, says The Climate-Changed Child, a #UNICEF report. #globalwarming Read more »
air pollution in delhi

Air pollution in Delhi calls for innovative solutions

Air pollution in Delhi is the result of #environmentaldegradation, caused by complex cultural practices, agricultural activities, and #urbanemissions. #aqi #stubbleburning Read more »
Urbanisation in India.

Success of urbanisation hinges on development-sustainability balance

India's rapid urbanisation has brought economic prosperity, but it has also strained infrastructure, polluted the environment, and widened the wealth gap. Read more »
air pollution, Mumbai

Air pollution in Mumbai: Construction activity and vehicular emissions to blame

India's air pollution is a major public health concern, costing the country billions of dollars annually and leading to reduced productivity. #airpollution #Mumbai #Delhi #airquality Read more »
green finance and sustainable development

Green finance powers sustainable development in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh's commitment to green finance is bolstering the state’s environmental resilience and sustainable development. #climatechange #greenfinance #himachalpradesh Read more »
sustainability in Indian companies

Sustainability in Indian companies: A struggle to meet targets

Sustainability in Indian companies: India Inc. needs to invest heavily in renewable energy, green jobs training, and energy efficiency to achieve its sustainability targets. #sustainability #renewableenrgy #climatechange Read more »
India's national green hydrogen mission

Cash crunch: India’s green hydrogen mission faces resource shortage

India's green hydrogen mission runs into international subsidy disparities as the country races to establish itself as a global hub for the production of the clean fuel. #greenhydrogen #greenenergy #solarenergy #windenergy Read more »
Importance of climate finance

Navigating climate finance — from greenbacks to green bonds

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, the financial sector must confront the challenge of identifying and mitigating risks to climate finance. #greenbonds #climatechange #netzero Read more »
EU green bond standards and climate finance

EU green bond standards: Pioneering a global shift towards sustainability

The EU green bond standards will have a positive impact on the global #sustainablefinance market by setting a benchmark for bond issuance. #climatefinance #sustainability Read more »
More than 1000 millets based startups in India

From fields to plates: Millets startups transforming India’s food market

India's #millets startups tap into the sustainability and health potential of millets, diversifying their product offerings and expanding market reach. #superfood #yearofmillets #soulfulmasalaoats Read more »