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UNEA agreement on plastic pollution a landmark

The United Nations Environment Assembly has reached an agreement to bring in a binding global treaty by 2024 to end plastic pollution. Read more »
climate change warning

Climate change: IPCC report warns of closing window of opportunity

Without drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, several parts of the world including areas in India will become unlivable due to the impact of climate change. Read more »
marine plastic pollution crisis

Marine plastic pollution: World inches towards an agreement

There are several treaties that cover marine plastic pollution, but none tackle the menace at a global level. Read more »
climate change challenge for island nations

‘Climate change mitigation needs rule-based global organisations’

The reason why we see a lot of interest in climate change is that the rich nations are now experiencing its impact, says Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. Read more »
sustainable development debate

Sustainable development: Climate change, Covid force changes in economic priorities

Sustainable development of energy and financial sectors will become the focus of economic growth discourse. Read more »
green hydrogen revolution coming

Green hydrogen prices will crash to $1 per kg by 2030: Study

Green hydrogen prices will crash below $1 per kg due to a host of factors such as economies of scale, new entrants in the market, greater automation and increased modularity. Read more »
climate change mitigation

Climate change: Focus on CO2 may hurt mitigation efforts

Nations can get better results in climate change mitigation efforts by targeting methane that has 20 times higher heat trapping ability compared with CO2. Read more »
Climate change impact on Kerala

Climate change: Kerala must invest in mitigation plans

Kerala will continue to face extreme weather events triggered by climate change and needs to work on better forecasts and long-term mitigation plans. Read more »
climate action by travel and tourism industry

Glasgow declaration: Travel and tourism industry eyes a sustainable future

The Glasgow declaration which seeks emission cut targets is the first global commitment by the travel and tourism industry against climate change. Read more »
COP26 draft agreement and fight against climate change

COP26 draft agreement: Humanity just scored a big win

COP26 draft agreement showed sincerity towards fighting climate change, instead of engaging in meaningless rhetoric. Read more »