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New corporate tax regime: Tax havens, MNCs to lose out

The corporate tax regime accepted by 135 countries will end treaty shopping by MNCs and put tax havens out of business. Read more »
IMF cuts global growth forecast

RBI has done its bit; now govt must work on GST rates

The RBI monetary policy committee should retain the accommodative stance, but at the same time must keep an eye on asset prices. Read more »

RBI policy must keep rates unchanged, focus on sectoral support

The RBI policy must focus its efforts on the non-banking finance companies and the micro-finance sector that are under stress. Read more »
PLFS shows low unemployment rate

Govt must focus on post-Covid employment crisis

The government must make efforts to sustain, support and generate more employment to revive demand, and facilitate economic recovery. Read more »
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Govt must change tack for one district one product success

The success of one district one product scheme depends on a paradigm shift -- from planning for schemes to planning for activities. Read more »
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Asset monetisation can spur post-Covid recovery

Asset monetisation plan, big housing thrust can power India’s post-Covid recovery to $5 trillion economy target. Read more »
GST collections soar

India has become a hotspot of merger and acquisition deals amid Covid-19 crisis

Global investors are looking at opportunities for merger and acquisition deals in India like they looked at China a decade or so ago. Read more »
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Alcohol revenues of Indian states raise ethical questions

State governments should distance themselves from alcohol revenues and find other avenues to fund their activities. Read more »
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Indian economy yet to emerge from Covid impact, time to leverage exports growth

When adjusted for seasonality, Indian economy contracted 12.4% in the April-June on a quarter-on-quarter basis, compared with 1.5% growth in the January-March quarter. Read more »

Future perfect: India-UK trade must focus on the Brexit void

India-UK trade negotiations should be aligned with the Atmanirbhar Bharat strategy to promote India’s champion sectors. Read more »