rbi's inflation vs growth dilemma

Why RBI should keep interest rates, monetary policy stance unchanged

Rising crude price is the reason for high inflation, and RBI may choose to ignore this transitory phenomenon. Read more »
RBI monetary policy committee meeting

Inflation threat: RBI may hike reverse repo rate by 15 bp

The RBI monetary policy committee should hike policy rates gradually from now as doing it later in haste could destabilise the financial system. Read more »
India needs digital rupee

Lessons from Ukraine: India must launch digital rupee to compete with the yuan

Lesson from Ukraine: A convertible digital rupee can help India mitigate the risks in the international payments systems in the future. Read more »
RBI must stop monetary easing

Inflation vs growth: RBI set to end to monetary easing cycle

Sticky inflation will force the RBI put an end to monetary easing cycle despite concerns over economic growth. Read more »
Naushad Forbes on unemployment crisis in India

‘India’s unemployment crisis an opportunity to create an economic miracle’

Unemployment in India stood at 8.1% in February 2022. The biggest single driver of growth and prosperity is the movement of people from lower productivity jobs into higher productivity occupations. We have... Read more »
link between inflation and fuel pricing

Courting trouble: Inflation and politics of fuel pricing

Cuts in excise duties can contain inflation to a certain extent, giving the Reserve Bank of India some headroom to support growth in the monetary policy review next week. Read more »
Sri Lanka economic crisis

Tracing Sri Lanka economic crisis to mindless liberalisation, fancy projects

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has its roots in wasteful investment in infrastructure projects, and overdependence on remittances and service sector revenues. Read more »
UPI123Pay to enable offline payments on feature phones

Financial inclusion: UPI123Pay makes digital payments without internet possible

The RBI and NPCI launched UPI123Pay in March to enable offline payments on feature phones without internet access. Read more »
India's russian oil imports

India does not have to give up the right to buy Russian oil

Russian oil deals: The West should not have unrealistic expectations from India which imports 85% of its crude requirements. Read more »
Ukraine war and global economy

Ukraine war: Rising crude oil prices may spell doom for world economy

A prolonged Ukraine war may warrant fiscal support to the most vulnerable sections of the world population to cope with rising cost of living. Read more »