Unprecedented exports growth in India

India’s stellar exports growth will spur economic growth, attract foreign investment

Biggest contributors to exports growth are labour-intensive sectors such as engineering goods, rice and marine products. Read more »
new tamil nadu government budget

Can Tamil Nadu government create a South Indian Miracle?

The decision by Tamil Nadu government to draft in Esther Duflo, Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, and Jean Dreze as advisors to the chief minister is a step in the right direction. Read more »
india wholesale and retail inflation

Global factors driving inflation, fuel tax cut seems the only option

Policy rate cuts may not address inflation as a large part of the increase in prices during the second wave of Covid-19 came from rising commodity prices. Read more »
All corporate decisions linked to ESG targets

Tax, investment and salaries in an ESG focused world

The driving forces in the new world will be inclusion, equity, diversity and comprehensive availability. All corporate decisions will be linked to ESG outcomes. Read more »
domestic steel prices jacked up by a cartel

Cartel at work? Steel prices skyrocket amid economic crisis

Earlier this year, MSME minister Nitin Gadkari had flagged the issue of cartelisation, saying producers are jacking up cement and steel prices despite static input costs. Read more »
indian railways to get 4G spectrum

4G spectrum will help Indian Railways step up safety, security

Indian Railways will use 4G spectrum to implement ATP system to prevent accidents and upgrade its communication network, bringing a paradigm shift in its operations. Read more »
India's foreign exchange reserves cross $600 billion

Foreign exchange reserves surpass $600 bn; What does it mean to Indian economy

India’s foreign exchange reserves may not be built on a strong foundation as 61% of its external debt is of short-term nature and will mature in a year. Read more »
Global minimum tax is a big step towards international tax reforms

Will global minimum tax disrupt India’s tax regime?

Global minimum tax is a commendable step towards international tax reforms, but its success depends on whether countries like India would agree to revoke their digital levies. Read more »
The global minimum tax will make multinational corporations pay tax

Global minimum tax explained: Abuse of tax havens to end, big tech to come under tax net

The proposed global minimum tax will make multinational corporations pay a minimum 15% tax on their profits, ending misuse of double tax avoidance treaties. Read more »
India's agriculture exports rise

India’s agriculture exports rise 17.34% to $41.25 billion

In rupee terms, the country's agriculture exports rose 22.62% in 2020-21 to Rs 3.05 lakh crore. Read more »