RBI MPC meeting

Balancing act: RBI navigates global challenges with confidence

The RBI monetary policy committee stands firm on the #reporate against the backdrop of a global crisis, bolstering India's economic resilience. #interestrate #inflation #mpc Read more »
green hydrogen vs blue hydrogen

Hasty green hydrogen adoption may lead to higher costs, says study

A study by Finnish researchers reveals green hydrogen's potential as a transformative force, with research pointing towards innovative solutions for a greener future. #bluehydrogen #climatechange #netzero Read more »
the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023

Privacy dilemma: Safeguarding personal data in the digital era

A parliamentary standing committee underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive data protection law to strike a balance between technological advancement and safeguarding citizens' privacy. Read more »
A case for developing international digital standards

International digital standards: The key to a thriving digital economy

The T20 India policy brief presents a compelling case for developing international digital standards to enhance the inclusive growth of the global #digitalservices sector. #wto #g20 #digitalgovernance Read more »
Residential segregation in India

Residential segregation: The impact of India’s hidden divide

Residential segregation in India has far-reaching consequences, hindering access to opportunities and educational outcomes for marginalised communities. #urbanisation #poverty #publicservices Read more »
Global food security under threat

Global food security at risk as fertilizer prices surge

An OECD-FAO report highlights the need for steps to address food loss, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure a stable multilateral trading system to ensure food security. #climatechange #poverty Read more »
IMF external sector report

India’s external sector badly needs structural reforms

India's external sector thrives amid global uncertainties, but a closer look reveals vulnerabilities. #currentaccount #cad #forexreserves #exchangerate Read more »
plastic pollution crisis

Plastic pollution crisis calls for urgent solutions

A study published in Nature says the cost of cleaning up #plastic pollution, running into billions of #dollars, will be the biggest challenge. #plasticpollution Read more »
Protection of user privacy and personal data

Digital paradox: User privacy guarantees are not as robust as they appear

Digital platforms have an incentive to collect as much data as possible, even if it means compromising user privacy. #dataprotection #userdata #privacy Read more »

Rupee gains traction as global currency, says RBI report

An RBI report lists challenges to the rupee's global acceptance and outlines a roadmap for its internationalisation. #rupee #dollar #sdr #rbi Read more »